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The One I've Done Ken Follett: A Short Biography White Jacket  
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The One I've Done
I love the sound of an airplane Puttering across the sky Not the monsters that roar In and out of our nearby airport But the fixed wheel single engine jobs That look like a Volkswagen minibus And sound like a overgrown lawnmower Cutting a swath of blue from my sky I am sure the pilot is doing one hundred and ten But from here it looks so lazy So clear day perfect meandering West Palm to Sarasota for lunch And who has ever stood close to a plane Prop spinning at idle and not been Sucked into an old black and white "'re getting on that plane with Victor" And then, to the swooshing throb Of blades in the air "Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow" Then back in the full color blue sky And a million miles an hour As a soul soars wings outstretched Likely as good as sitting down with family And saying "grace" to a god I don't believe in Over cornbread dressing and turkey One I've done and one I've not.
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I have many things to write unto you but   I will not write with pen and ink
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The One I've Done Ken Follett: A Short Biography White Jacket  
POETRY requires a mature audience ENTER only if you are 18+ under 18? GoTo Games
Ken Follett: A Short Biography

Ken Follett was born in 1949 in Cardiff, Wales, and is well renowned for numerous bestselling titles including Eye of the Needle (1978), On Wings of Eagles (1983), and Whiteout (2004). Ken Follett grew up in a devout born-again Christian home where listening to radio, watching television was not allowed. Reading was the only form of entertainment Ken Follett was allowed to have, naturally he became an avid reader. Ken Follett's family shifted to London when he was just ten years old.

Making Way through Different Careers

He went to University College in London and graduated from there in 1970. He completed his bachelor's degree in philosophy, and then started his journalism career. He also worked as a columnist for an evening newspaper, after which he started working for a publisher. Initially he wrote his novels under a pseudonym, and the first novel which got his real name was The Mystery Hideout.

Arrival of Much Needed Success

The much awaited co02ercial success arrived in the form of Eye of the Needle. It sold over a million copies and also went on to win Edgar Award. Eye of the Needle was also converted into a movie which starred Donald Sutherland. Many more spy thrillers came later though Ken Follett was itching to explore other genres of writing now. He wrote a non-fiction book titled On Wings of Eagles, and the big one came right after The Pillars of the Earth.

Pillars Continued To Sell For Next 15 Years

Currently he lives in Hertfordshire with his second wife, Barbara Follett, a member of parliament. He also has a son and daughter from his previous marriage. Before his book, The Pillars of the Earth succeeded, Eye of the Needle was his best known work. The Pillars of the Earth was a surprise for his loyal readers though the subject of the book seemed dry for the readers initially. The time period the book was set in would remind the readers of English literature lessons and they would simply like to skip the book, but they just couldn't, such was the quality of the epic produced from Ken Follett. The book quickly gained word of mouth publicity and the copies kept selling themselves for the next 15 years.

Once Drawn In, You Can't Escape

The Pillars of the Earth seems like quite a lot of work for the readers at the first glance (close to thousand pages). Once the readers allow themselves to be drawn in the story, they realize the time period environment has not been created by using lengthy texts, rather all the effort has been put in creating rich characters who tell their own tale.

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Poetry endangers the established order  of the soul - Plato

The One I've Done Ken Follett: A Short Biography White Jacket  
POETRY requires a mature audience ENTER only if you are 18+ under 18? GoTo Games

White Jacket
The white-wool knit jacket With decorative pin, Which my grandpa and grandma sent me from Kovel When I was two, And was sent to the communal store-room And I never wore, not even once. Good God Grandmother and grandfather were murdered there A whole Jewry destroyed, And I search throughout all my life for A white-wool knit jacket Which my grandma knit for me and decorated With decorative pin, And went to the post office and sent it In a package which my grandpa had packed lovingly A small white hand-knitted jacket Of a little girl of two. All my life I search And can not find it.
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