MELINDA COPP : Five Easy Ways to Improve Everything You Write
John Horvath Jr : 1918
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All the fine arts are species of poetry--Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Survivor Five Easy Ways to Improve Everything You Write 1918  
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The first time we kissed you turned away, saying: "Not on the mouth. Not yet. I'm sorry. There are things I haven't told you..." I didn't understand. But I understood enough to gather your hands in my hands, and to rest my cheek against yours, and to kiss your cheek, your temple, your eyebrow, and then only the side of your mouth, its corner. It was a sort of lateral kiss, like looking a little to one side of something to see it better, like with stars, or with poems, or like the truck that carries the glass on its side, because of the nature of its cargo.
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I have many things to write unto you but   I will not write with pen and ink
--JOHN the theologian



Survivor Five Easy Ways to Improve Everything You Write 1918  
POETRY requires a mature audience ENTER only if you are 18+ under 18? GoTo Games
MELINDA COPP Five Easy Ways to Improve Everything You Write
Whether you're working on a book or your next blog post, writing is a practice. It's not about being good or bad--it's about constantly seeking ways to improve, no MATTer where you are with your skills. Every time you write, it gets a little easier. But at the same time, diligent writers collect skills and tricks they can use to make their writing stronger and more compelling.

Here are five of the simplest and most powerful writing tips you can add to your collection.

1. Make it Reader Friendly Writing is about making a connection, and you have to communicate with your readers. That means positioning your message in a way that is most meaningful and compelling to your readers--not to you or your friend or anyone else. How do your readers need to hear what you have to say? What's going to strike their favorite chords? Even if you are not the world's greatest writer, making your writing reader friendly will greatly improve the effectiveness and readability of your work. 2. Use Active Verbs One of the biggest mistakes people make when writing is using the passive voice, or passive verbs. This complicates their sentences and makes them hard to understand, which is definitely not reader friendly. Look for ways to rewrite sentences that use passive to-be verbs, like "is," "was," and "were." They can't always be reworked, but oftentimes they should be. Active verbs will make your writing more engaging and clear.

3. Be Concise Saying what you mean in as few words as possible is another key to improving your writing. After you get your message down, go through your writing and take out every unnecessary word. Kill your darlings, in other words. If a word, sentence, or phrase does not serve to illustrate your point, take it out or replace it with words that work.

4. Write Toward Your Goal If you want your writing to have meaning, you need to have a clear goal or message for what you write. Always decide exactly what you want to accomplish with your writing and make sure every word helps reach this goal. Be direct; tell your readers what you want them to do. If readers have to guess, they will either stop reading or miss your point.

5. Break Up Big Projects If you have a particularly large writing project, break it up into smaller segments. For example, don't sit down and say to yourself, "I'm going to work on a chapter of my book on management." Instead, be more specific and tell yourself, "I'm going to write an introduction to chapter three." Working on a smaller scale will keep you motivated, prevent you from getting lost, and give you a sense of accomplishment every time you finish a part of the project. And it will prevent you from feeling discouraged because the entire project is not complete yet.

Improve Your Writing Today No writer ever gets to the point where they can stop improving their craft. And even if you think you're a good writer, you should always look for new tools to add to your writing tool box. Successful writing depends on many factors, including organization, simplicity, and conciseness. If you follow these five tips, your writing will improve and your message will be clear in whatever you write, every time you write.

[JH Item 4 above can be tricky. Many young writers fall into the preacher mode of "do this or else"; or, a writer may take the voice of a stern teacher. Rather than "tell" a reader what to do, you might suggest or observe certain actions or action-plans for effective change.]
Poetry endangers the established order  of the soul - Plato

Survivor Five Easy Ways to Improve Everything You Write 1918  
POETRY requires a mature audience ENTER only if you are 18+ under 18? GoTo Games

John Horvath Jr
Happily it is April; it is late Spring; the madness that is summer runs before each breath that in the still crisp air forms small clouds of mist that kiss the soft features of her open white face. I might have loved her even should war and heroism not swelled Masurian trenches, the corpulent bivouacs of wire reports appearing in the papers, the tedious lists of dead or missing men. I might have loved her for the parchment of her lips red as the edges of a wound or the soft curvature of silken tresses that cover the silk cushioned bed on which we flatten as if to hide from the mortars. Happily it is April; late Spring with the blush of hoarfrost on the leaves; and not yet has the madness of summer, the shellshock of our two lives come brashly across no-man's-land to meet with us. I am still a stallion of a soldier, dapper in pressed cotton, firm flanked, and I love her abandon, love her strong struggle, love her for the experience of loving. Ah, April. I had had lovers before her, indeed loved the Victorian virgins of London, damned damsels in Paris and maidens in Vienna, even broad bellied whores lounging at the naval docks of Vladivostok. So, whence such stumbling awkwardness--I say it is she who like a martial march makes me tremble like a young recruit at first battle of congress in the warfare of fucking. And because it is April, I can and do imagine all of Christendom's brides mine for the taking, their sisters saddened by imminent loss of me mine for the taking, their mothers proud to own daughters known by a patriot. But there is too soon the coming tremors of summer madness remorseless weeping at partings and it is suddenly August and I am a broken warrior who weeps in the bed of his lust, laying there crippled with fear of loss, his soul never found among the rubble of shell holes, his teeth scattered in wheatfields of tomorrow's hunger; no, I am not unafraid; I am unbraved; I am no lover save a lover of my own image in the mirror over her vanity; and I have lied. It is April; indeed it is April; the generals have sealed my fate with their banners and their maneuvers and their shoddy glory. I shall be summerless; gold buttons and croix de guerre stripped; my hands are bound; the black hood engaged; my comrades chamber the round. Forgive me, a sinner. Forgive all sinners of whom I am chief and first. I imagine her round belly like a hillock of fresh rye, and the birds hover above the wheat of her laughter which rises on heat columns to the ear of the Lord who welcomes me home. It is war that is a great cowardice. Not the picking of flowers in the hill country, not the taste of red apples.
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