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Starting Over Keeping Notes  The Rape of Dawn  
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Starting Over
Bruce shakes hands off at the wrist Gives them back as bloodless pulp Camouflaged almost to disappearance In boots, safari jacket, battered acuba And the longest socks known to man New job for me mate following the divorce Bruce drives fast. Broad bony shoulders, Hunch neck, tense over the shuddering wheel. Flora and fauna whip past in a flash of dreamtime Eyes grasp only a glimpse of fat wallabies lazing Under the bones of bare eucalyptus trees. He waves a hand at nowhere in particular As we flash by. That's my ex wife's house over there Nice parents but what a bitch Bruce pours us into Jacob's Creek Winery. It's only a trickle of dirt brown stream water Running much laughter at labels of commerce. Cameras are clicked standing by the sign Blinding flashes for photo unity. The bus is a mixed case of tourist imports, Internationally tipsy, united in transience Tasting and swallowing. Only wimps spit out. Keep out of the long grass he shouts Snakes as venomous as my ex-wife Bruce sits next to me at the lunch table A sober and wide-eyed wood etching Seeking comradeship and a willing ear. We devour kangaroo in red currant sauce Hard crusty bread and pints of Shiraz and Chardonnay. Bruce is work keen, re-born and starting over, We like him but his wife does not. Jolted awake by horizons of solitary life He needs to break bread with fellow men, Find sympathy, and open up cans of gender. She crucified me son Left me with what I stood up in
I have many things to write unto you but   I will not write with pen and ink
--JOHN the theologian



Starting Over Keeping Notes  The Rape of Dawn  
POETRY requires a mature audience ENTER only if you are 18+ under 18? GoTo Games
Keeping Notes

It's important that when you're away from your computer that you can still be generating ideas and formulating plans for future articles. Since you're working on articles so much, as well as other writing, you're bound to have ideas come into your head unexpectedly.

1 Keep a notebook. Always keep a notebook or some device by which you can write down ideas that come into your mind out of the blue. Of course, these are never so out of the blue in that your brain has made a connection with something you've just heard or seen and you weren't conscious of it until that moment. These moments are notoriously difficult to remember later. So have a way of writing it down immediately.

2 Keep it organised. Don't just write down or input any idea anywhere. Have some sort of structure as to where you put different kinds of ideas. This includes for your business. Therefore, you might have an idea for an article on copywriting which you can put in a place you can easily retrieve afterwards. For example, you might have sections for different subject ideas, such as copywriting, websites, email writing and so on.

3 Have it at hand. It's no good having a recording device for notes if you leave it in your car or at home when you're out of the house. It needs to be permanently with you. Even as you sleep you could have it by your bed for that morning you wake with that brilliant idea. If you don't record it, you'll forget it.

Poetry endangers the established order  of the soul - Plato

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Starting Over Keeping Notes  The Rape of Dawn  
POETRY requires a mature audience ENTER only if you are 18+ under 18? GoTo Games

The Rape of Dawn
So you speak of love, and write sonnets to proclaim your vows, flying high above the ground where no sound, but the song of wind and fire never touch the earth. And the rapture of your heart's degree will fling itself upon the morning dew condensed from clouds that sail into the trail of captive night's escape. It is the rape of dawn compelled to yawn into the breaking light that wakes your dream into silent screams that bristle with delight. And though you write prolific reams of heartfelt verse at loves's request, do you know the reason of your wanton lust's progress? It's not the joy of rising blood that flood's the flushing face, or even lustful yearnings that embarrass exposed lace, nor is it telltail shadows of a promise almost seen that coming round to kiss the ground can be, Oh, so mean. It's the fact that love can crucify in the hands of Roman pain destroying all the beauty in a fury so insane that once endured, the shattered pieces scattered on the ground fell to earth so lovely with the tinkling of a sound like drops of rain from heaven, with a music so profound that upturned ears could not hear the melody come round. And when you rise to the new waking sun with fire in your eyes like a loaded gun remember, it was all in fun to play with feelings just begun to simmer in a shadowed state, wasting like a profligate who dared to reach beyond the view of those who never tried.
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