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The Beauty of a Brick Wall Helping Your Children Become Creative Thinkers Another Ambiguity  
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The Beauty of a Brick Wall
One day a mason thought some mortar and bricks ought to fit in a specific pattern. So he laid them down just so. The first layer was laid for his first kiss. He placed a brick for her long hair next to a brick for the way she smelled. Next he put a brick in between for the broken heart she left. Then he tucked them all in together. After that, the mason laid two bricks side by side for his two children. The bricks were similar but they had holes and specks in different places making them uniquely beautiful. He surrounded them with bricks for each year, a few bricks for good fortune, a brick for smiles, a brick for good health and a brick for rainy days. The he tucked them all in together. Next, the mason laid a brick for his mother and father, one for his drinking, one for the wife he hasn't seen, and one for a crime he had committed long ago. He surrounded those bricks with bricks of remorse. And more bricks to protect that remorse. The wall wasn't quite finished, so the mason gathered up a few for happy memories. Two for the houses he's lived in, two more for the wars he's lived through, one for a brother he lost, and another for the woman across the street he admired. After the mortar dried, he looked at his work and was very pleased that he had concocted the perfect wall around himself so he no longer had to worry ever again.
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I have many things to write unto you but   I will not write with pen and ink
--JOHN the theologian

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The Beauty of a Brick Wall Helping Your Children Become Creative Thinkers Another Ambiguity  
POETRY requires a mature audience ENTER only if you are 18+ under 18? GoTo Games
Helping Your Children Become Creative Thinkers

As parents, it is a common denominator to have the desire for our children to grow up prepared against any challenges their lives have to offer. Mothers, just like my own mother, are always anxious that they are making the right decisions for their children or guiding their children make the right directions every single day as early as possible to get a head start in this world. This is not a bad thing at all. In fact, this is the very manifestation of unconditional love that many writers such as myself love to write about.

Iím not exactly a mother yet but I have often wondered that if I have to start a family soon, what values can I impart my children to at least say that Iím proud of what I have accomplished later on. Paranoid much? No, not really. If you watch the news or read the daily news and see crimes being committed, Iím sure most of you have tried to analyze and understand the inner workings of the criminalsí minds. And you also realize and agree with experts that the common thieves and common rapists are products of broken homes. The basic values have not been instilled and these individuals suffer from low emotional intelligence. Probably as children, they havenít been guided to think creatively and solve problems according to specified rules. These individuals become lawbreakers because they think that there are no other ways to solve the problem they are faced with. Discipline and self-control are concepts they have trouble grasping.

Iím not an expert so I wonít be dwelling much into how criminals become criminals. Instead, Iíd like to focus on the idea of rearing our children to become creative thinkers and effective problem solvers. If youíre not aware of this yet, there is a strong correlation that exists between music training and brain development. Mental development is crucial in helping our children become better citizens because obviously, everything happens in the brain. I love music. It has helped me so much in my life in dealing with problems, and emotional outbursts. And so when I heard about researches regarding music and the brain, I became interested. I learned that music literally light up all the areas of our brain. Our brain have left and right spheres where only a certain region is utilized in most activities but with music training, all of the regions are utilized. Advanced technology such as PET scans and MRI imaging have made it possible to monitor the brain while the subject is engaged in listening to music or playing an instrument. And the entire brain ďlights upĒ when we do so.

So in line with this, it is a great idea for your children to engage in musical training. Iím sure you are already familiar with some parents making their child listen to classical music as early as possible. The idea is there but I suggest kicking it up a notch. Sharon Burch, a product of musical environment and influences came up with a way to make music learning easy and fun for young children. To help parents make their kids smarter, Sharon Burch created Freddie the Frogģ where through his adventures, musical concepts are easier to grasp and retain for children.

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The Beauty of a Brick Wall Helping Your Children Become Creative Thinkers Another Ambiguity  
POETRY requires a mature audience ENTER only if you are 18+ under 18? GoTo Games

Another Ambiguity
As if reaching upward into the heavens, touching the happy hunting grounds, its once richly bold, colors of Red, Blue Yellow and Green are now faded and appear ghostlike in the grayish weather: worn wood that no longer resembles its original images. Those who could define the engravings slowly vanish with each twilight -- Soon none shall remain, leaving us with a great enigma: another riddle to ponder. what does it means, who carved it, when?
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