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Experiment Afghan Taliban Says Non-Muslims Must Wear Badge Black Snake  
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Prairie voles, unlike 95 percent of mammals,
form long-lasting bonds with their furry mates.
Science News 10-15-08

So researchers use them to study grief. They take away one from the pair, isolate it, and sure enough it mopes, stops eating, stops reading the paper, won't go out when they open the door. Its personal hygiene suffers, its little coat matted, its little shoes repaired with duct tape. Then they find out by slicing and dicing, its brain is giving off corticotropin in massive doses, its neurotransmitters flooded with the messengers that deliver sorrow and loneliness. It wakes up in the night howling; lab assistants tear at their own ears, trying to stop the sound of its terrible pain. The prairie voles dream of long tunnels under the dirt, two black eyes shining at the far end, deep in a nest of aloe and dung. They dream of running over the sand side by side, and they question in their vast empty cages, the wisdom of going on. But now the researchers create something else, a compound which blocks the sorrow signal. Voila. No pain. What mate? the voles say. Bring on the dancing girls in their little grass skirts and mix me up a tequila sunrise. Some run laps to keep in shape for a long and happy life, do sit-ups, admiring the fancy clouds. Others become Buddhist voles , present in the moment. All the prairie voles are happy just to be alive.

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I have many things to write unto you but   I will not write with pen and ink
--JOHN the theologian

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Experiment Afghan Taliban Says Non-Muslims Must Wear Badge Black Snake  
POETRY requires a mature audience ENTER only if you are 18+ under 18? GoTo Games
Afghan Taliban Says Non-Muslims Must Wear Badge

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - Afghanistan

Taliban rulers Tuesday ordered the country's non-Muslim minorities to wear a distinctive badge on their clothes when they go out of doors. The Taliban-controlled Voice of Shariat radio, monitored in Islamabad, quoted religious police chief Maulawi Abdul Wali as saying the order had been issued in the light of a fatwa, or religious decree, given by Islamic scholars. `

`The ulema (scholars) issued a fatwa that the non-Muslim population of the country should have a distinctive mark such as a piece of cloth attached to their pockets so they should be differentiated from others,'' it quoted Wali as saying in an interview with the official Bakhtar news agency. `

`This decision is in accordance with the Sharia (Islamic law),'' said Wali, who heads the Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, in effect a religious police directly under the orders of Taliban's supreme leader, Mullah Mohammad Omar.

The dress code was the latest sign of the Taliban's determination to impose its extreme interpretation of Islamic law on all those living in the 90 percent of Afghanistan it controls, including foreign aid workers and non-Muslims.

In the West, the order that minorities should wear a distinctive badge evokes memories of the Nazis' treatment of Jews, who were forced to wear a yellow star on their clothes.

The United States immediately condemned the order, saying it was ``the latest in a long list of outrageous repressions.'' ``...forcing social groups to wear distinctive clothing or identifying marks stigmatizes and isolates those groups and can never, never be justified,'' State Department spokesman Richard Boucher told a news conference.

The broadcast quoted Wali as saying the directive had been issued after non-Muslims had complained that they had faced problems during operations of his ministry's groups trying to enforce Islamic laws. Taliban actions this month have given no indication of a willingness to satisfy the two main goals of the United Nations: negotiating an end to the devastating civil war and ending support for foreign militants such as Saudi fugitive Osama bin Laden.

Last week the United Nations complained that Taliban authorities had been abusing the aid workers who provide most of the social services in the shattered country.


A day earlier a new 120-bed hospital in the capital Kabul, built to treat victims of two decades of war, was closed when armed members of the religious police forced their way in, beat staff and took away three local employees.

The powerful Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice said the Italian-funded hospital had allowed men and women to eat in the same room. Wali's ministry answers directly to Taliban supreme leader Mullah Mohammad Omar, who earlier this year outraged much of the world by ordering the destruction of all Afghanistan's historic statues -- mainly Buddhist works of the pre-Islamic period.

Long-running Taliban objections to women working at bakeries funded by the U.N. World Food Program boiled up again last week, forcing the temporary closure of some of the outlets that provide subsidized bread for much of the capital's population.

Hopes of an end to the war between the Taliban and their last opponents, already extremely slim, were dealt another blow with the closure this week of all but one Taliban-area office of the U.N. representative in charge of starting peace talks, Francesc Vendrell.

The Taliban, angry at the U.N. Security Council for imposing fresh sanctions against it in January, rejects any U.N. role in making peace. Japan, which has offered to host peace talks, was told the Taliban would not accept even a U.N. observer.


The movement's deepening isolation has appeared to touch even Pakistan's military rulers, who have consistently backed the Taliban but have failed to persuade it to adopt policies that would make it more acceptable to the world. `The Afghans are nowhere near as pliant as they expected,'' said a senior Western diplomat.

The Italian ambassador to Pakistan, Angelo Gabriele de Ceglie, was in Kabul Tuesday with a team of hospital managers and told reporters there that he had sought security guarantees from the Taliban for reopening the closed hospital.
The tougher Taliban stance was not unexpected at a time when it is starting its annual summer campaign against the opposition Northern Alliance.

Earlier this month the Taliban rejected a U.N. call for a cease-fire to get humanitarian aid to hundreds of thousands of Afghans displaced by fighting and the worst drought in three decades.

News from inside the opaque Taliban leadership is sparse, but there has been talk of problems. Contrary to expectations, no new deputy to Omar has been named to replace Mohammad Rabbani, who died in April.

`There is a lot of uprising talk around, more than in the past two or three years,'' said a western diplomat. ``There is a perception that the Taliban are off-balance, that there is a structural problem...''

The Taliban are also believed to be short of money -- vital even in the relatively crude warfare of Afghanistan, where commanders and their followers are often paid to change sides.

The drug trade has been hit by the Taliban's own ban on opium poppy cultivation. Merchandise trade has been hit by Pakistan's efforts to slow rampant smuggling. Both activities previously produced useful tax revenue. But none of the diplomats and aid workers dealing with Afghanistan expects Taliban weakness to translate into military defeat. The prediction is just for more fighting. (source: Reuters)

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Experiment Afghan Taliban Says Non-Muslims Must Wear Badge Black Snake  
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Black Snake
Black snake whip cracked by rubber blends grey on black bitumen's slate. And the shivery rustle of his snake's scales scutters up my leg from poking toe. Now, the snake is gone, ascended on witherings of angel down, and I can only pray that in heaven the roads are far from hungry for the taste of black snake's bite.
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