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As The Day Dies Trains Does Piracy exist in the eBook Industry?  
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As The Day Dies
My fear of losing forces me to retreat in darkness, under the covering clouds caving in my thoughts. I cannot escape the rape of negativity, all red and bloody, slashing my words in half'"words of hope that fluttered in my mind, are now infected black butterflies, as the skies threaten to unearth buried expressions held within, soaked in doubt, the day dies.
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I have many things to write unto you but   I will not write with pen and ink
--JOHN the theologian


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As The Day Dies Trains Does Piracy exist in the eBook Industry?  
POETRY requires a mature audience ENTER only if you are 18+ under 18? GoTo Games

I used to rent an apartment In a house which abutted some train tracks, A commuter line that hurried suburbanites downtown non-stop and back. You could watch them in the windows as they passed Paging through the Wall Street Journal intently as if it were the secret language of dreams. Perhaps they could not see out as we could see in. It was a poor section of the city then. In one yard down the block, roosters still roved Scratching the ground, calling in the day; Across the tracks, a family kept a horse in their garage; Local gang kids would war periodically over fluid turf But the train viaduct formed a fixed boundary And thus it was adorned with gang symbols and dog urine, Oracular signs that the informed nose could sniff out. I imagined being a hobo then And that the train passed to remind me of the wide fields of Kansas The mesas and the nameless small towns That would rescue me from this civilization. Having a young son to raise I was free to imagine without having to act. We went through three sets of landlords in the time we lived there Three presidents and many loaves of cornbread. One night a young boy died on the tracks And rumor said that his head was severed by a passing train But I heard nothing more about it. There were many stories in that neighborhood And few were exactly true but they resonated with blue-collar mythology. The night before I moved I stood in the backyard Watching the trains pass on schedule The sweet clover in bloom, the August cicadas keeping time. I waved but no one waved back from the windows. Whether it was good-bye or hello I was uncertain. Good days give way to good dreams; I gave up that hoboing before I began.
Poetry endangers the established order  of the soul - Plato

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As The Day Dies Trains Does Piracy exist in the eBook Industry?  
POETRY requires a mature audience ENTER only if you are 18+ under 18? GoTo Games
Does Piracy exist in the eBook Industry?

Freebie seekers are everywhere and no industry on the internet can avoid it. However can internet piracy be a cause for worry for the eBook Industry? The answer is yes, eBook piracy is as old as any other type of piracy on the internet. But of course it depends on what you define as an eBook in this case.

Throughout the years Internet Marketers have published countless eBooks on various topics, even digital products and home study courses that have been pirated and distributed freely on various underground forums that specialize in distributing pirated material such as software, eBooks and web design templates. After the “make money online” niche, the second most pirated eBooks are Erotic eBooks, or porn like digital copies of the Playboy magazine, as well as various “adults only” comics and other publications in this genre. But there is a huge gap when it comes to piracy of main stream eBooks.

If you are a fan of Romance Novels then you already know that the internet is flooded with romance books, many of them are for sale in the public domain while some are pirated. However, most of these pirated books are from the 1990’s or the early 2000’s and are nothing but scanned copies of the original novels. This was before the coming of the self-published eBook era as we know it today. Many eBooks are now protected with copyrights and various DRM (Digital Rights Management) systems, yet once in a while a few pirated eBooks can be seen floating around.

Nowadays the only legal way to get hold of Romance Books Online is via major retailers as more people have e-readers and digital apps than ever before. Other than informational products, novels and fictional books are not the most highly demanded type of content online. This is the reason why the eBook novel industry has not seen that much piracy. But this might not be the case in the near future as the demand for eBook novels grows.

There are still a few valid reasons why widespread piracy of eBook based novels will most likely never exist. This prediction is based on the low price of novels – as low as 99 cents and the fact that many of them are sold through major online retailers which put measures in place to combat piracy. It is basically their low price which serves as a deterrent to piracy. DRM technologies are not infallible and there are numerous ways to circumvent them. But consider this: which type of eBook is more likely to be cracked and released on an underground forum: a $499.95 online marketing course, or a $2.99 romance novel? As long as prices are kept relatively low, most people will simply see no point in searching for pirated content and will go to the legitimate sites instead.
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As The Day Dies Trains Does Piracy exist in the eBook Industry?
As The Day Dies TOP  As The Day Dies ©  LISA M CRONKHITE  . [JH a confessional of dark powers at work in the mundane, powers so violent and frightening that they can only be suggested. So the reader wonders if they are real, and in wonder discovers the reality of psychophantoms.] LISA M CRONKHITE has work in Salome Magazine, The Penwood Review, and Scrap & Stamp Arts Magazine,. She is currently taking a writer'™s course in Connecticut. Lisa currently resides in the U.S. with her husband and 2 children. CRONKHITE suffers from Bipolar disorder and writes as a coping skill and in hope for better understandinG
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Does Piracy exist in the eBook Industry?] BTM  Does Piracy exist in the eBook Industry? ©  CARMELLA BORCHERS  . This editor disagrees with the no piracy leaning of this essay. Material without copyright notice is in the public domain. Copyright lasts for 100 years after the death of the writer and that copyright may be transferred in a will. Some governments (including the USA) have developed e-copyrights. See for details on E0copyright. or visit. "".
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