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All the fine arts are species of poetry--Samuel Taylor Coleridge

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Instant Godhead Tenth Avenue Whistle poetryrepairshop@zazzle  
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Instant Godhead
Lazily I awoke to the sound of a bird cheeping somewhere in the apartment. My Bengal cat, Czarina, is the Empress of Predators. "Uh oh," I thought, "bird down the chimney, Bengal on the hunt!"   In front of the fireplace, black braids in a Frida coronet, the Corn Woman clay figure kneels serenely, eternally offering two ears of painted corn on her upraised palms. At her side, in a bowl of streaked, tawny alabaster, little ears of dried Hopi corn wrapped in papery husks with kernels like jewels – garnet, sapphire, citrine, dark topaz.   As I approached, I observed Czarina poised by Corn Woman, powerful muscles tensed, dark stripes glowing against her golden undercoat. The cheeping grew louder, more insistent, and I pulled aside the fireplace screen to find the frightened bird. Nothing – a handful of last winter's grey ashes.   The cheeping intensified, and I glanced straight down. There, behind the ample curves of Corn Woman, lured by those lovely miniature corn kernels, crouched a terrified field mouse, squeaking desperately, just beyond the reach of Czarzy's claws.   I reached down, seized him by the nape of his tiny neck, admiring his plump cream-colored tummy and velvety soft grey-brown coat as he hung, suspended, from my fingers, and carried him outside to a different fate (or perhaps only a different cat).   Later, when I called I poet friend, I told him, "That mouse was praying for help, and I saved him!" "Well,"  Neill replied, "Mouse prayers get answered, too.   I suppose that makes me the Mouse Goddess.
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I have many things to write unto you but   I will not write with pen and ink
--JOHN the theologian

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Instant Godhead Tenth Avenue Whistle poetryrepairshop@zazzle  
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Tenth Avenue Whistle
They call me Mystic Sister of Glory Eyed Wonder. I exhale pewter breath with the terrible violence of a single falling flake of snow. I blink torpid eyes your way. The line forms here. Dame of Sesame Flesh. I shrug shoulders carved from hashish. I fling a wreath of bleeding roses at your blistered feet. You flinch in the very marrow of dawn. Come and get it. My russet bones blaze upon the pavement in your eyes. Charcoal stars float to ground and peter out like you dude. Cha cha cha. I pick the pink carcass of your mind, lick your lips dry. I'm rotting you slowly. You know where I am. The winds of 10th Avenue whistle through the skeleton of your spirit - Toot your flute suit. Oh how you scream and cough up the money and man oh man, it's so exquisitely intimate.
Poetry endangers the established order  of the soul - Plato

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Instant Godhead Tenth Avenue Whistle poetryrepairshop@zazzle  
POETRY requires a mature audience ENTER only if you are 18+ under 18? GoTo Games

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Instant Godhead Tenth Avenue Whistle poetryrepairshop@zazzle
Instant Godhead TOP  Instant Godhead ©  SUE LITTLETON  . Texas Poet Sue Littleton lives in Buenos Aires , Argentina .  Her poems have been published in  anthologies and literary magazines in the U.S. and Canada .  Her 7th Hebilingual book, Sueku/Suku, classical haiku in English with minimalist Spanish translations, published May 2011.
Tenth Avenue Whistle MID   Tenth Avenue Whistle ©  MARYANN HAZEN-STEARNS,  .from 01.09:107
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