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All the fine arts are species of poetry--Samuel Taylor Coleridge

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Little Things Cholera GREY HORSE  
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PAUL HOSTOVSKY's Unlikely Loves
Little Things
Me and Beth Jeannette had a little thing. This was a long time ago when my thing was little and I didn't know anything about such things. Somehow we ended up upstairs in her bedroom on her bed with her face very close to mine and a little pimply. Her eyes were soft, her hands were busy. My hands were folded politely in my lap, as though waiting for tea or poetry. My eyes, roaming the walls, found an M.C. Escher print with tessellating staircases, and climbed them peripherally while Beth continued to block my view with her nose. In the end, our little thing was like those staircases—it went nowhere though it seemed to be going somewhere, especially when she touched my thing and I had to go to the bathroom. All these years later I look back on that little thing with fondness, tenderness, and a little sadness, as though I were looking back from deep within infinity at my first tender, tentative tessellations.
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I have many things to write unto you but   I will not write with pen and ink
--JOHN the theologian


Little Things Cholera GREY HORSE  
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In the dream you said, "I love this time of day—it's called the cholera." I said I thought the cholera was a disease. You said, "It is a disease but it's also a time of day." There was no dictionary in the dream, and we were sitting outside at a café or a hospital. You asked if I'd read Love in the Time of Cholera, and I said I started it once, but never got past the first 50 pages. And you said, "That explains it." I wondered if you meant the book explains the time of day you love and why it's called the cholera; or if you meant something else, something about me and the way I am, namely, one who can't get past the first 50 pages of a book you love. Which would mean something else entirely. And then I said "I think cholera is one of those words that, if divorced from its meaning, would make a beautiful name for a girl. Like Treblinka." You gave me a pained look in the dream then, and I wondered if it meant you didn't agree with me or if it meant what you were eating didn't agree with you. Either way, it was plain to see you were suffering.
Poetry endangers the established order  of the soul - Plato

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Little Things Cholera GREY HORSE  
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Big grey wonder, gathered as a cloud And when the cloud bursts, torn apart Instead of thunder, the pounding of hoofs With lightning energy. Grey cloud travelling fast In the wind, tossed through the hair of the storm The sunlit rider tossed on the travelling mountain. Invincible the cloud, the thunder coming closer To burst after dark into a sunlit day A promise of glory in the iron gray cloud. The promise faltered, was torn apart The spurt of speed in vain Storm dying with the painting of a wonder That no brush stroke captured Grey horse with clouded hide fallen Stained with green and torn to shreds The thunder gone No mountains move in animation before our eyes The game goes on.
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Little Things Cholera GREY HORSE
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Cholera MID   ANJANA BASU ©  PAUL HOSTOVSKY,  .comment2
GREY HORSE] BTM  GREY HORSE ©  ANJANA BASU  . Before 2001 Anjana Basu was poetryrepairs' first international poet; she hales from Kalkot India.
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