John Horvath Jr : My Wife Said (911)
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Some Flowers My Wife Said (911) expostulation  
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Some Flowers
In my dream, one of those brief insightful etchings across the surface of my mind, I stared into my wife's face as she stared into the face of another man. And I watched her emotions playing softly there for someone else, emotions which had always been reserved for me. When I woke I reached uncertainly across the bed to see if she was still there and decided that today was a good day to buy her some flowers.
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I have many things to write unto you but   I will not write with pen and ink
--JOHN the theologian


Some Flowers My Wife Said (911) expostulation  
POETRY requires a mature audience ENTER only if you are 18+ <18Big Fish
John Horvath Jr
My Wife Said (911)

My wife said, “if that happened here, most of us would be dead. I can't imagine such devastation.” It's hard to image a catastrophe as large as the World Trade Center attack. Many of us who live in nonmetropolitan areas would be under the rubble. I the attack hit nonurban Americathere would be great devastation.

Nonmetropolitan Population estimates ............................................. 54,083,943

Imagine: in every farm, every small town, every resort village one of every ten people effected!

Considering only the workers in Trade Center, there were thousands immediately and directly, irrevokably effected – families and friends of the dead, injured, or missing. The estimate cannot include the unnumbered tourists, visitors to those offices, those in the concourse below or in the train station. Family members, friends, neighbors. thousands and thousands and more.

When you go to work, think of this: Every SECOND person you meet on the way to the office is effected by THE TOWERS if you live in Allentown PA, Santa Clara CA, Lowell MA, Livonia MI, Manchester NH, Pueblo CO, Waterbury CT, Fayetteville NC, Berkeley CA, Waterbury CT, Waco TX, Elizabeth NJ, or Macon GA, Columbia SC, Gary IN, Ann Arbor MI, Erie PA.

When you go to work, consider every THIRD person you meet to be someone effected by THE TOWERS if you live in Syracuse NY, Fort Lauderdale FL, Oceanside CA, Paterson NJ, Springfield MO, Chattanooga TN, or Kansas City KS.

About one in four, if you live in Mobile AL, Scottsdale AZ, Fort Wayne IN, Chesapeake VA, Baton Rouge LA, Madison WI, or Rochester NY, was in the TOWERS.

If you count them, every fifth person you meet Monday morning on your way to work in Birmingham AL or Louisville KY or Aurora CO or Anchorage AK was effected by THE TOWERS.

You can count them on one hand. Keep counting until you've met at least 50000 people…it will take weeks.

And if you've a mind to count…about one of every ten people you meet on your way to work was directly effected by THE TOWERS if you live in Denver, New Orleans, or Seattle.

The attack on the World Trade Center is an attack on EACH of us. It is more than a catastrophe on a world wide scale. Earthquakes have not done such damage; volcanoes have not done such harm; hurricanes have killed fewer people. In fact, nothing in God's world has done so much mass murder since the bubonic plague hit Europe over 500 years ago. And the vermin that carry terrorism should be , like plague rats, as quickly exterminated

How can we explain this? Fanatics did it. A deed done by individuals who believe in the words they read; but, they believe only in the possibility of their own private indivdual interpretations of each word. Each word, self justifying. That is FANATICISM. Fanaticism IS THE MODERN PLAGUE; it has nothing to do with Islamic, Christian, nor any other recognized faith or religion. The fanatic hides in each of us. Beware the fanatic.

Let us forever be wary of anyone who tells us there is only one way or one interpretation.

Poetry endangers the established order  of the soul - Plato

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Some Flowers My Wife Said (911) expostulation
POETRY requires a mature audience ENTER only if you are 18+ <18Big Fish

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Some Flowers My Wife Said (911) expostulation
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