AZZA El WAKEEL : Voice of a Poet
JANET I. BUCK : The Drug War
WENDY L. HAMMOND : The Man In The Moon
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All the fine arts are species of poetry--Samuel Taylor Coleridge

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Voice of a Poet The Drug War The Man In The Moon  
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Voice of a Poet
The oriental female has been promised To be the puppet of a man Her existence can only be achieved By being someone's spouse She's denied and considered incomplete Unless she's married to a man Or a semi-man Live in his shadow in silence In the orient, girl's tongues Are circumcised in their childhood Their voices buried in their throats Girls in the orient are confiscated from fiction Dreams exacted from their minds Women creators in the orient Are unfortunate, no place for them Poetesses are ranked as rebellious Unashamed, stripped from timidity Outside the path of the herd Some hidden under covered names Others gambled by writing in day light Revealed veils from their faces Oriental women creators Are accused of expressing their feelings Of daring declaring their dreams publicly Every poetess some men doubt her talent That there must be a man Writing or correcting her lines Every poetess some men question her purity She must have paid a price In return of publishing her words Every poetess some men search The secret of her inspiration Is she someone's wife? Writes only for him? Or is she playful? Her words diffuse scent of adventure! Every poetess in the orient sometimes encounters Semi-men controlling the publishing world They invite her to access the world of literature Through the road of indecency Ignore her in their offices as an authoress Welcome her in their beds as a prey Since she unleashed her fantasies Didn't bury her pen She's considered lawful They're careless about her ideas and writing style Not interested in the inner music in her texts But are captured by the idea Of identifying her underwear Sneaking to her warm bed sheets Flirting with the off-springs of her thoughts In the orient, When a poetess reveals her feelings A gallows is hanged An investigation is opened With every love poem she writes She remains a subject of amusement Followed by spur and innuendo And the same question To whom does she write?
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I have many things to write unto you but   I will not write with pen and ink
--John the theologian


Voice of a Poet The Drug War The Man In The Moon  
POETRY requires a mature audience ENTER only if you are 18+ <18Big Fish

The Drug War
Up and down. Ping pong style. Fused emotion in a slur: "She's gone again," my father says, "disappeared in vapor trails behind a plane I hoped would land in sanity." I'm saddened by the powdered sand that rows you places like a boat through dark canals of urban life, through fisticuffs of soiled love, all those boiled and buried ghosts that own your pulse and beating heart. I'm selfish too. I crave a mother's collarbone to cradle tea bags of my tears, her stalwart spine to help me with my broken necks of dreaming gone awry in woe. I pray for things to change to whole like chipmunks running up a tree, finding that a greedy bird (weakness wings in all of us) has stolen acorns, pebbled peace. I've studied us inside the fog so very long I cannot trust a rising sun to pour me morning orange juice. Bibles of touch are coffee rings to scrub away with bleached repose. Hugs seem hooking wire and worm, a formal, curt rejection slip. Add a dose of alcohol and here we play with matches over gasoline. The drug war in its battle zone of vacancy - where little capsules are the lords, where exit is the fairy tale, where needles are the unicorns.
Poetry endangers the established order  of the soul - Plato

Voice of a Poet The Drug War The Man In The Moon  
POETRY requires a mature audience ENTER only if you are 18+ <18Big Fish

The Man In The Moon
me and winston-salem fill the sky with smoke tonight, watching the rest of you stretch to wrap yourselves around the moon, and in the distance of broken light spots and streaks of repented sacrifice strip themselves of life and you believe you will be replenished if you ask forgiveness such starvation, thirst and hunger cannot measure against deprivation of spirit, the solitude and molestation of innocence and our children still believe in the man in the moon, dishes running away with spoons, and all convictions that make us foolish, because we teach them this each raised arm, each eye gazing upward demolishes the concept that any of us are really alone, and in this interaction, contact with unknown catalysts, we cling to heroes who aren't heroes at all we grow miles tall in our own disbelief that we are anything more than -this a large emptiness trying to fill each other
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Voice of a Poet The Drug War The Man In The Moon
Voice of a Poet TOP  Voice of a Poet ©  AZZA El WAKEEL  .Thru cultural discrimmination against women writers, Egyptian poet AZZA El WAKEEL practices her art of poetry with fascinating insights for her Western and Eastern readers.
The Drug War MID   The Drug War ©  JANET I. BUCK,  .comment2
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