Lyn Lifshin : Knife Edge & Absinthe
JANET I. BUCK : Frozen Sonnets
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Dry Bones Knife Edge & Absinthe Frozen Sonnets  
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Dry Bones
No incantations, no potions, no dazzling eyes of rimmed chariot wheels can revive the dry bones that once danced in grand ballrooms, the orchestras that kept time, nor can they bring back the house with gold carpet where I myself made pirhouettes to my own music Do I regret my long effaced footprints? Absurd question. But I also feel sad for that younger self who could not envision the ballrooms, both real and make-believe, that replaced the house with gold carpet, one after another, a long procession that will continue until nobody recalls me except perhaps a twist of DNA, its version of memory untinged by nostalgia As well I feel sad for all who lived, happy and loved, but died before they could hear The Ode to Joy, Ethel Waters singing Am I Blue, the viola and flute I once caught as I turned a corner into winter darkness.
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I have many things to write unto you but   I will not write with pen and ink
--JOHN the theologian

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Dry Bones Knife Edge & Absinthe Frozen Sonnets  
POETRY requires a mature audience ENTER only if you are 18+ under 18? klik here
Lyn Lifshin Knife Edge & Absinthe
Dear Reader: I am pleased my new book KNIFE EDGE & ABSINTHE- THE TANGO POEMS is out and getting strong reviews: " Jazz. sweet. slink.
They wrap their legs around you and then leap out" …"passion and juice, cold and hot, smooth and spicy…" — Lyn Lifshin d hot, smooth and spicy…"
— Lyn Lifshin

Knife Edge & Absinthe The Tango Poems
by Lyn Lifshin

Price: $10.00
Paperback: 60 pages
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0985671513
ISBN-13: 978-0985671518

Publisher: NightBallet Press
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Knife Edge & Absinthe- The Tango Poems is a handsome 60-page collection of never-before-seen "tango poetry"
by the legendary Lyn Lifshin. It contains a series of poems that explores the erotic knife-edge of freedom and loss of self 
in the absinthe of dancing the tango. For a single copy, only $10 plus $2 shipping! This fantastic book is available now! 

Reviews of Knife Edge:

The Tango Poems These tango poems are jazz, sweet, slinky.They wrap their legs around you and then leap out,
leaving your heart beating. They pull you in as only tango does, all passion and juice, cold and hot, smooth and 
spicy...your head left slightly off-center, off the main beat, not knowing whether to breathe or not. Lifshin is dancer
and poet and if anyone could embrace tango in words, it is she. Any poem quoted from this book will make you 
stand up, quiver slightly and be ready to fall off into the ecstatic abyss of eroticism. 

"Tango Before the Light Goes Blood
streaks tourmaline sky.
put on your ruby skirt,
transparent as rose gauze
fishnet scissors under.
When stars glaze the
tango floor....."  

This little book will leave a tart, sweet/sour taste and you will crave more.  
	-Alice Pero As far as KNIFE EDGE & ABSINTHE 

(ha - - who was it that said "absinthe makes the heart grow fonder" - lol) - - is a beautiful book. I read it one sitting
on the subway The poems in this book are just wonderful - - reinforcing why she is my favorite poet in the world! 
You would think with all the work I've read and reviewed of hers that nothing could surprise me, but these poems 
did - - they make me want to write poetry, they also make me want to take TANGO lessons (I'm serious!) 
	— Cindy Hochman 

The following review published July 2, 2012  By Christina Zawadiwsky 

….Patterns are what we follow to find the source and in tango, the source is why the person chooses this dance, the repetition of patterns is what we perceive as harmony, it makes us believe every thing is well in our universe
Knife-Edge & Absinthe – The Tango Poems, is about passion, both for life in general and for the dance itself. Beautifully produced by Dianne Borsenik’s NightBallet Press, this book of poems is Lyn Lifshin’s testament to a life of romance and precision, of following one’s partner in set patterns that linger like the night air after the dance is over and a new dance may be beginning in the hearts and minds of the dancers. A dancer herself who has seriously studied ballet, Lifshin unfolds for us the longing that is inherent in the the dance, particularly the tango, as is evidenced in this poem:
“The Lapiz” you drag your foot in a circle as if drawing on the sand. The foot never leaves the ground. The lapiz is a motion that can be done with aggression like a bull pawing the ground before charging. The follower can do it by herself during a pause but when both dance they make a slow circle together, keep their bodies still and just move their feet concentric circles along the floor. It can be very sensual, a suspended state of seduction
—Review by Christina Zawadiwsky
Poetry endangers the established order  of the soul - Plato

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Dry Bones Knife Edge & Absinthe Frozen Sonnets  
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Frozen Sonnets
Gray bands of smoke are still alive. CNN revisits ash. I don't resist the black remote that whispered waking in my ear. Picnic benches near the towers are shards of limbs. Steel we thought we were we weren't. First waters of old liberties see seaweed strangling a pearl. Cranes are ticking dinosaurs reminding me to shave thick stubble of the hate before that final coat of rust. Ellis Island grows a layer of winter ice. The harbor hiccups with a ship. Every plane that passes in the autumn sky leaves bootprints on a nervous floor. Res gestae digs up poles for flags. I didn't know these palettes well. A songstress slumbering in streets between the stoplights stuck on red. Death rattles and we sing a hymn the best we can with thwarted lungs. Grief is always smelling salts, mace in eyes of apathy, seasoning on cantaloupe. "They struck first," a chant that hangs like gnats on going bowls of fruit. We have trees of pears to pick. The missing call me from my sleep. The lives, the kisses, sugar cane, frozen sonnets of an iris bees will never bother with. Each ovary, each ivory moon, a stranger under lids of frost. Lovers they will never have become a ghost in vapor of November's fog.
Lyn Lifshin : Knife Edge & Absinthe
JANET I. BUCK : Frozen Sonnets
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