L.B. SEDLACEK : Rapid Cooling
WARD KELLEY : Confronts a Different Space
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L.B. Sedlacek's poetry appears in print and online publications such as “Third Wednesday,” “Mastodon Dentist,” “Main Street Rag,”

Rapid Cooling Confronts a Different Space Blue Couch

Rapid Cooling
They were like dynamite but   not delivered through the mail   fireworks that would pop in   the air (there's some law                              against that now in this                              state) and we waited for                              them to arrive like snow                              interrupting a school day or                              the ice cream truck in                              the summer.  The fireworks made                              now just aren't the same.                             
I have many things to write unto you but I will not write with pen and ink
--JOHN the theologian

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Rapid Cooling Confronts a Different Space Blue Couch

Confronts a Different Space 
The comets of your soul - cylindrical whips like carnival rides - slingshot your spirit across the chasm of the divine; yet on both borders of that black canyon there is nothing . . . although the rims are not actually devoid of wisps of hopes or conspiracies of pinprick aspirations. The universe is too small for these doubts . . . for if God is to be evident, there is nowhere for him to hide, and eventually you will touch his shadow. It doesn't matter. It matters greatly. There are no telescopes strong enough to print your soul way out here; it's lost to your home planet like some radiowave telegraphed outward from a cinder block radio station back in the fifties. You're already past the stricture of the solar system, and there's no way to bounce the evidence back to your particular old blue marble concerning what you never knew. There's no way back, save through the poets, and they are frustrating and unreliable . . . except for translating one or two odd preternatural comprehensions into hints. Maybe it doesn't matter, but you have eons to reason out another way back.
from histories of souls
Poetry endangers the established order  of the soul - Plato

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Rapid Cooling Confronts a Different Space Blue Couch

Blue Couch
I was old enough to remember the most beautiful of the kittens peeing on and how my mother dashed out with Clorox, turned the royal velvet yellow. Deep blue, her favorite color. I wonder if she turned that middle pillow face down, like a child with its face on the table. 40 years later, about to be carted out of rooms that will be empty for the 5th winter, it's still a soft cove, a cave, like her arms. She camouflaged what was worn and stained and flat as a burned-out heart under throws that never were the right color, jade and tourmaline flowers, tweedy azures and mauves and greys. My next and first kiss on these now half empty pillows, flimsy as some grey Wednesdays seem. My sister hid behind it so close to the radiator it must have nearly scorched her blonde curls. When Fitzi un-zipped and wanted me to touch what he'd forced me to in the Drive-Inn. When I used to come back, my mother curled at one end with me at the other, dozes under the blue afghan, unraveling, as what was deeper inside. I did interviews on the couch after science contest wins, offered David white brownies, hoped he'd want to slide my transparent blouse down past my aqua felt jumper or lay under the man who wanted to do what, when he could, after we married, couldn't. Cleaning out the apartment I always fluff what's left of the pillows and fold them over the thread bare back as if to make what was as good as it could be tho I am the only one walking thru the grey air into rooms no one touches.
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L.B. SEDLACEK : Rapid Cooling
WARD KELLEY : Confronts a Different Space
LYN LIFSHIN : Blue Couch

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