DAVID JAMES : Interview with the Devil
PEGGY MEEKS-KING : White Dove of Peace
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Interview with the Devil Lewis White Dove of Peace

Interview with the Devil
Sometimes it's too damn easy. I prefer the challenge of the hard-headed, those with convictions, those sitting at the feet of God. Sure, it takes more time and energy, a certain deceit to break their wills, but once you have them at their last shred of hope, tripping them into sin—an affair with the neighbor, a robbery, one final drink of blood—that gives me a rush beyond any frigging miracle. It's hard to explain what a soul feels like in the palm of your hand. It glows. Some nights, I look up to the stars, stand- ing on the roof of a burning house and smile. I think of Cain, my greatest feat, and feel truly blessed in this oblivion.
I have many things to write unto you but I will not write with pen and ink
--JOHN the theologian

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Interview with the Devil Lewis White Dove of Peace

So I held the cast of Eden in my trembling hand. Its curves were too beautiful, too sublime for my poor eyes to see but the barest part. Its wriggling form resisted me, rested for just a touch, the barest breath of desire was enough to square it solid, and exposed its willingness was gone. I had but a moment before its struggles began to pour the molten wax, but I was quick enough so now I have the shape of the living thing down. With the spring, when waders fly in from the north perhaps this new world will sprout flowers and honeybees then I will laugh and call myself a little god of happiness.
Poetry endangers the established order  of the soul - Plato

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Interview with the Devil Lewis White Dove of Peace

White Dove of Peace 
Please white dove come to my window this day, to my garden on your way. To bring your pure sweet love from the clouds above. Bring peace my way, bring love to the world as you make your stay. I see you there among my red roses, I see you there among the purple sweet pea, there near my ivory love-lily. You my white dove of peace are more dear than the air I breathe. Spread your beautiful wings and fly away to distant troubled lands fill their valleys with love, freedom and peace. So no more war is ever spoken there! Spread your lovely wings white dove as you reach into the tip of the universe far into the Milky Way! And then you take hold of the rainbow bright within your beak and bring the world the peace its heart seeks. And the shadows of the first blue evening stars falls upon your eyes tonight. I beg of thee someday find your way back to me so I too can see the peace you bring. And in my flower garden I will find you in the cool of the evening and once again I will hear the sweet sounds you sing, a lullaby for the whole world to enjoy for you sing only of peace and of everlasting joy. I hear you there and you sing so sweetly, NO MORE WAR! NO MORE WAR!
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DAVID JAMES : Interview with the Devil
PEGGY MEEKS-KING : White Dove of Peace

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