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CARMELA TAL BARON : An Appreciation of Poet Ted Higgs
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The latest works by Richard Alan Bunch are: Collected Poems 1965-2011 and The Color of Sunrise: Stories, Poems, Plays and Philosophical Fragments which includes his novel, Cornet and Clarinda.

For a Laughing Philosopher  An Appreciation of Poet Ted Higgs 
Galloping Gerthy

For a Laughing Philosopher
			Levity is your wisdom's signature.
			You do not speak in straightforward answers.
			Instead, you juggle with words 
			that become seventh generation sagas 
			exploring paradoxes 
			in mindscapes of memory.
			Like a mirror dipped in wave after waves, 
			you reflect the many perspectives of the one.
			That is why you bring such joy 
			to the dance, why
			your temples of sunshine
			rouse the flesh under and over,
			why we discover
			summers in the ice, and 
			like dancers of vision, color 
			the unconscious shapes of the eye.

(previously published in White Wall Review)
I have many things to write unto you but I will not write with pen and ink
--JOHN the theologian

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For a Laughing Philosopher  An Appreciation of Poet Ted Higgs 
Galloping Gerthy

An Appreciation of Poet Ted Higgs

I was pleased to discover the concept of PoetryRepairS in pairing poets

The poem 'Night Blue' by Ted Higgs is like a precious translucent stone glowing with intense blue light in the dusk, while the poem Selling Classified Ads by Nancy Haiduck is like walking one's thoughts on a broad floor in bright daylight.Ted Higgs is a very good poet and I was happy to find poetic visibility for his work on the Internet. I wonder where can I find more of his poetry?

I met Ted Higgs in September 1985 while attending a reading by Emilie Glen a spirited, veteran (New York City) poet. Ted attended this event together with his West Point students, who shared their own poetry during the open Mic. I remember being deeply moved when Ted read his poem Museum Solitaire, a personal reflection on modern art.

He expanded his student's horizon by taking then to artist's studios and museums. It was very exciting when he brought his students to visit my studio. One of my paintings from the series Windows and Other Spaces inspired him to write the poem A WOMAN WITH STRING.

poised  to  pull
the  mystery. Taut
eyes  burning  forward  in
your  nakedness, the  windows
the  one  in  the  center
senses  the  present  the  more
deeply ; fixed  between

past  and  future

the  present, the  walking
dream  we  built
between  us

I  run
my  fingers  over  the  canvas
the  bottom  edge
the  soft  flames,  my  fingers
comb  through  the  fire

It  is  the  details  I remember
the  earrings, the  shadow
One  window  open  through
vision  and  I

am  pulled  from  both  sides
primitive  echoes
past  and  future
we  structure  both, sleeping
and  waking

Ariadne, is  it  you?  and  I  Theseus  or
the  Minotaur ?

Last  night  I  dreamed  of  elephants
ears  flapping, trunks  forward
tripping  the  dancer(what
does  it  mean?) Windows
arches  right  and  left
round  the  woman
with  string
challenging  me  to  break  the  shell
Alter  and   f l y

copyright Ted Higgs, October 1985

I shared with him the art of other artists as well. It is interesting to note that the poem 'Night Blue' was inspired by the painting Bridge of Glory, painted by the Russian artist Nicolas Roerich while in USA, 1923. In the book Nicolas Roerich The Life and Art of a Russian Master (Published by Park Street Press, Vermont 05767 with the N. Roerich Museum in NYC) I found a description of this haunting painting: "A saintly monk in a long hooded black robe stands on the shore of a sea ... To the left rises a hill, on top of which are several pine trees and a little chapel. The entire foreground is cloaked in darkness, for it is night. The monk looks over the water at the sky, which is lit by the aurora borealis. Streaks of color, ranging from deep blue to pale blue-green shoot out in a fanlike pattern, describing an arch or a bridge a cross the sky. For the monk as for the artist this blue flame is a visual bridge to the glory of the divine fire within and a metaphor for the future spiritual bridge between heaven and earth." What a beautiful description of the painting that has inspired the poem 'Night Blue'. It is also interesting to note that the "pine trees and a little chapel" mentioned above, are reflected Higgs's Poem " On the hill through the trees the temple roof catches on the edge the fading sun." And The Bridge of Glory meant to link heaven and earth through the magic of the Aurora Borealis light turned in Higgs's poem to be " bridges linking two still points under a canopy of a thousand fellow voyagers". I still treasure the first version of Night Blue from 1985 and feel grateful to PoetryRepairShop for updating the reader with the latest version of Night Blue 2003. It was a refreshing surprise to find the poem, since I lost touch with Ted Higgs in the early 90s, but the inspiration has not been forgotten.

I recently had a chance to thank him for inspiring me to cross a bridge between tongues (for his help with translating poetry), in my CD's booklet: Rainbow Ride – From Poetry into Music From Music Into Lyrics.
Poetry endangers the established order  of the soul - Plato

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For a Laughing Philosopher  An Appreciation of Poet Ted Higgs 
Galloping Gerthy

Galloping Gerthy
Her configuration frolicked wildly In the brisk squall. As she endeavored to Maintain her composer. Natures onslaught of woe Produced body fractures devastating Her strength to live. Onlookers stood in awe As she oscillated defiantly Against universal forces in One last attempt to exist. She move upward and Then amiss one final swing her garters snapped at the waist and She dropped... Into the frigid waters eighty feet below. Spectators acknowledging their regret As tearful eyes showed. That day in November of nineteen forty when the Tacoma Starlights bridge Galloped to its death in a forty knot wind.
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RICHARD ALAN BUNCH : For a Laughing Philosopher
CARMELA TAL BARON : An Appreciation of Poet Ted Higgs
ROGER C. WORLEY : Galloping Gerthy

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