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DURLABH SINGH : Obtaka - the Magician
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All the fine arts are species of poetry--Samuel Taylor Coleridge

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Trauma This is Not a Poem Obtaka - the Magician  

Tawdrier clothes you couldn't have found. Receptive to criticism, the fashion designer amazed her critics with spectacular models. Unbearable heat, made her designs hotter, more florescent, but the models really amplified simplistic seams and sleeves.
I have many things to write unto you but   I will not write with pen and ink
--JOHN the theologian

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Trauma This is Not a Poem Obtaka - the Magician  

This is Not a Poem
Between the margins of the sea and The peak of the loftiest highlands There is a mystical path The journey To become A child of the earth It lies along wisdom and recognition That you are one with humankind One with the Universe Within your hands Heaven exists Also Hell and so, The path begins and so, Wisdom For What is accomplishment? What is the quest? but The detachment From slumber and awakening Yet, There is another path To journey upon True harmony Spirit and soul Sweetly attuned But I shall not whisper of it For you are overburdened With your voyage and This was not a poem copyright VAL MAGNUSON
Poetry endangers the established order  of the soul - Plato

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DURLABH SINGH writes, "I find most of contemporary poetry just 'bald statement' without recourse to other faculties of human psyche."

This editor agrees and encourages poets to use traditional forms as scaffolding to make new poems and new forms - for example, the sonnet form has undergone three changes from its original so we have at least four ways to write a sonnet...why not a new form for our times? I also urge poets online to take forms from other cultures (as did Whitman among many other poets) to use those traditional forms as the scaffolding again to build new poetry and new forms. - JH

Trauma This is Not a Poem Obtaka - the Magician  

Obtaka - the Magician
Moon goddess came to visit the forest last night Riding on chariots driven by the velvet monkeys Guarded by hornets and the armies of wasps Beleaguered in obscurities by Obtaka the magician. A maker of charms for the thieves and the lovers Talisman of skies from paled skins of foreheads Nail maker hooved webs of the antelopes Shifter of the sharp swords for the reddish ants. Striding solid at the hour of the midnight Giving way to doorways to enter the corridors Illuminated by the translucent light of the moon. Tender are the dreams under the wider skies Where buffalos roam in mud staked stripes Conversing with mirrored spirits of golden ghosts Witches, wizards, nymphs or other watery sports. The chameleon on converse with the blizzards Obeying the command to put spur on the lizards The crocodiles, hippopotamus, ibis and the lion Drinking at water holes under direction of wizard Rocked white, stone turned hatches for the rabbits Skin rigged, log wooded dug outs for the jackals The eel of the deep laughing on its trailed dance And Obtaka the magician roams in rugged stance. copyright DURLABH SINGH
VAL MAGNUSON : This is Not a Poem
DURLABH SINGH : Obtaka - the Magician

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