RALPH MONDAY : Einstein's Pleasantville
contents : poetryrepairs.com V13.10 #193
GALE ACUFF : Honeymoon
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Einstein's Pleasantville poetryrepairs.com V13.10  #193 Honeymoon  
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Einstein's Pleasantville
The relativity of time in that the return To 1956, accomplished by simply Typing On a screblanc, white monde And Elvis releases his first hit. There are no Columbines here, No meth, no crack. Suburbs, white picket fences, buzz cuts, T-Birds, baseball, elegant, mannered women, Unlocked doors and Ford's factories Working Gritty men who knew not Madame de Pompadour. Rocky Marciano retired undefeated, Silky Sullivan hid Elvis' hips from view, Johnny Cash walked the line, And a transatlantic cable snaked like a Watery vine. Everything was pleasant: Pleasant neighborhoods, pleasant men, women, and children, Pleasant schools ranked world number one, pleasant drugstores, Coke a nickel, soda drunk by giggling poodle skirted girls. Dream American. Soft nights, velvet stars, heroes were real, heroines always In distress. Make Room For Daddy meant only the original, And “Memories Are Made of This,” were completed By the convertible's radio, a tender sigh, stolen kiss, Sweaters in the fall, no exposed lingerie in the hall. Forced by Einstein's physics, the mind decades descending, Observes the now return to unwatered grass dank and brown, Rusted, silent cars, the houses' lights green friendly, vision stilled, stop Typing.
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I have many things to write unto you but   I will not write with pen and ink
--JOHN the theologian

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Einstein's Pleasantville poetryrepairs.com V13.10  #193 Honeymoon  
POETRY requires a mature audience ENTER only if you are 18+ under 18? klik here

poetryrepairs.com V13.10  #193
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poetryrepairs.com V13.10 #193
Poetry endangers the established order  of the soul - Plato

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Einstein's Pleasantville poetryrepairs.com V13.10  #193 Honeymoon  
POETRY requires a mature audience ENTER only if you are 18+ under 18? klik here

I have parents and they love me and my dog loves me and I guess Jesus loves me, that's what the song says--why would a song lie? --and God and maybe the Holy Ghost, Who -ever that is, exactly, but I need more, more love, or love of a different kind, the kind I could get from Miss Hooker, my Sunday School teacher and a damn good one and a real beauty, too, red hair and green eyes and more freckles than I've ever seen on any one face before, let alone her neck and arms and legs, if it's no sin to say so--I can't help but notice them. Last night I dreamt I married Miss Hooker and on our honeymoon I asked her what she wanted to do, anything at all, and she said, I'll do anything you want to do, Honey, so I said, Okay, let's play checkers for a while, then watch TV because the Braves are on, and read comic books. Then we can have pizza rolls and french fries and maybe ice cream for dessert, Neopolitan because we're married and that's special, and then we can play cards. Well, alright Honey, she says--you know just how to treat a woman. I think I blushed because I wanted her to be satisfied. So we had a busy night and we both won at checkers and cards, even-Steven, and didn't bother to break the tie or pretend we were in the championship like I do with guys because we're married now and to each other so equally, I mean Miss Hooker and I, not my pals and I. And the Braves even won their game, though it took extra innings. And then   it was time for bed and we were pretty sleepy after all that fun and we saw each other naked and she's got freckles everywhere and I told her so and this time Miss Hooker was the one who blushed. Then we put on our pajamas and crawled into bed and kissed a couple of times like we meant it, which we do--did, I mean --and shook hands and rolled over, then out of nowhere I heard a voice asking, Do you want to make a baby, and it was Miss Hooker's voice but it sounded kind of husky, kind of deep and growly, so I said, Well, just what do you want me to do? Then I woke and it was time for Sunday School so I still don't see how you make them, babies I mean, but I was pretty close, in bed with a woman and the lights off and our teeth brushed but come to think of it we forgot to say the Lord's Prayer before we fell asleep and maybe that's what does it, that or a secret one for after. If I dream it again I'll remember and when I'm all grown up, I'm only 10, and I still don't know the secret then I'll ask it on my wedding night. Then Bingo.
RALPH MONDAY : Einstein's Pleasantville
contents : poetryrepairs.com V13.10 #193
GALE ACUFF : Honeymoon
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