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CAROL SHILLIBEER : Ortho-genesis__ [part i]
CAROL SHILLIBEAR : Ortho-genesis__ [part ii
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Ortho-genesis__ [part i]
Ortho-genesis__ consider environmental selection as a psychological force Dream directive: Issue kevlar at birth. __amide links joining benzene rings__ links and rings, identity fabric makes (sense) as a beginning but ortho? ortho or | correct | genesis or | beginning | a theory that the evolution of a species in a cont in uous, non-branching (branch) manner is due to a pre- (pre) determined series of alterations (alter) intrinsic to the species and not (and not) subject (and not subject) to natural (natural) selection When I think about ortho||genesis I have to smile; kevlar's benzene rings always surface in my imagination with rubies and the amides linking the rings__like daisy chains, green and smelling of sweet mulch. But of course, the rationale for tiny kevlar body suits__even one imaged with rubies and the green stems of a white-petalled flower__is flawed__ And ortho__I understand arguing with Descartes, but Spinoza's Fallacy and the Leibniz monad is not the way to go (although his calculus! well, between him, Newton, and Lettivin's frog, the perfect measuring system and mind seems possible). __is flawed__damage began at least three branches away on the ancestral tree. So reconsider the dreaming mind. polymer__A polymer is a macro- molecule comp- osed of repeat in -ing struct- ural units. These sub -units are typically con- nected by covalent chem -ical bonds. Have you thought about it? What it means to live in a vast ocean of the here and now? Not, please understand me, not in the there and when. It's so easy to forget that natural selection is as much a psychological force as an environmental one, and that we are not on a fast-track to anywhere. A polymer is easy, and we psych- -o- -logical poly- mer don't you think? Which makes me either a mon -o- mer pol-y-mer or a simpler I'm inclined toward the second. For example, I used to ask the question what moment defined me and always came up with the usual aromatic memories linked by inherent assumptions. Don't you think that alone implies polymer construction? The odd thing is that I hadn't realized how deep, lunar-olivine, cryst | all | ine, deep-shit- docking-bedrock-teleological a question that was. What Moment? What an assumption! When I realized the singularity, I had to actually think; dig out, double dig the bed under those questionable roots. And the earthworm? Homo lumbricidae. (lum briss i (short i-sounding) die). The work of the androgyne? Without that assumed singularity__if there was no Moment, then no ortho-genesis, no inner force compelling me into a straight-away [me]-place. Instead, the branching tree of natural selection, and [me]—a compilation of various monomers. [Me] : a polymer, like amber, tortoise shells, DNA, kevlar. On the slant-wise incline, as I said, I am inclined singularity multularity toward the multiple moment hypothesis.

poetryrepairs #203 14.08:091

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Ortho-genesis__ [part ii]
Ortho-genesis__ [part ii]
There's still the question of which monomer came first. A silly question, I agree, but it exists and so has the potential to elicit response, even if the response is just as silly as the question. And the profundum: where does one monomer begin and another end? Monomer 1.1 The straight-bone [me], is that what I assumed? The granite bone of the deep earth, and sleep visions at the edge of a childhood home on Lake Muskoka; dove-grey-pink blush of late night, before the rise of civil dawn. Out in a granite hollow, awake, the wheel of air and earth gentle and redeeming of the sleep of childhood. Those nights rock-dreaming a world, a ring of tiny jewels: a self where the elephant of soma comes to her legs and walks, the mind-rider a pale blush that foretells, but does not guarantee, the bright day. A contender for 1.1__the vestibular. Encoded ethical guidelines in a social species seems like a mathematical constant, like the speed of light, or Avagadro's number. That moment when the fetus can tell when its head is on top, that would be it. Is morality the moment when a child can control its neck? Is that how we come to understand the concept of free will? Is that what underlies the accusation of being “stiff-necked”? Link 1.1 An ortho acid is defined: Hypothetical compounds having the structure RC(OH)3 Orthocarbonic acid, C(OH)4 Not hypothetical in the “immaterial” sense in which we non-scientists use the term. I should explain. “Ortho” for us usually means “straight” like the leg bone__orthopedics straighten the body. Not so for chemists, or perhaps better to say, they have more than one “ortho”. For them “ortho” is also a spatial occupation, an adjacent positioning in the benzene ring. The tricky thing is that one word use came from the other, but somewhere meaning took a dog- leg. It's that bend—the (social) environmental rock around which a straight-leg found itself bent—the responding cellular reorganization, the subsequent two meanings—those doublings point to selection pressure, and to the evolutionary nature of language. Doublings also make it difficult to mark beginnings. Endings. Monomer 1.2 The moment, mid-way through a two-year teenaged wander when I came up to the edge of the sea on the Clovelly cliff and understood that history is not something that occurs in the past—oh no, it's now. And here. It's easy to see: the village is owned by the Hamlyn family and has been since 1738, and before that the 11-generation Cary's—it's their quay which still shelters boats; and before that, the Giffards who got it in 1242. Track that. The big deal, the click-clack-snick of a polymer-person forming was the realization that all roads go that far back, even ones built in the New Country, even ones built tomorrow, because underneath, in the dirt, is the footprint of some family. An important question: does it matter that you have forgotten they existed? , is generically included.

poetryrepairs #203 14.08:091

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Born in Athens, residing in Patras, a writer of poems, stories, short stories, haiku , essays and novels, EFTICHIA KAPARDELI studied journalism from AKEM, Athenian training center and Greek Culture at the University of Cyprus. KAPARDELI plays classical guitar and is a volunteer in the Fire Department. With such a bonanza of experiences she writes her poetry. A member of the Faculty of Philology at the University of Patras, EFTICHIA has several national awards and has published 16 books; her work is recognized in national and international anthologies. EFTICHIA KAPARDELI - who knows Greek, English and Italian - is an IWA (international writers) member and has attended the UNESCO World Peace Academy. KAPARDELI also blogs. POETRYREPAIRS is fortunate to present such a multifaceted talent to our readers. Eleven of EFTICHIA's haiku ["HAI-KOU" in Greek} are found on the following pages in both Greek [el] and English [en]. The exactness of haiku does not translate well from the Greek into English; however, we have stayed loyal to the original Greek. More haiku are found in the 14.06 issue online at http://www.poetryrepairs.com/v14/c06.html.

poetryrepairs #203 14.08:091

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CAROL SHILLIBEER : Ortho-genesis__ [part i]
CAROL SHILLIBEAR : Ortho-genesis__ [part ii]

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