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CHANMING YUAN : [week: directory of destinies]
REGINALD SINCLAIR LEWIS : Reggie Lewis is in Love with Marie Kasalia
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[week: directory of destinies] 
Monday -Monday's child is fair of face Beginning of endless beginnings When we start running between Sun shine and electric light, caring No more about the moon on moon's day Tuesday -Tuesday's child is full of grace Under Tiw's rule, every law is Established to stage war upon The unlucky, who keep setting Fires to avoid miss fortunes Wednesday -Wednesday's child is full of woe Right in the middle of laboring Even god of mercury turns green As it persists in fasting Far beyond the hump Thursday -Thursday's child has far to go God of thunder, man of wonder We will continue despite hunger Until we cannot go any farther Or uphold our spirits together Friday -Friday's child is loving and giving POETS day, TGIF, Day of Venus Unlucky for those trying to catch A few fish in the open sea, but lucky For whoever is swimming ashore Saturday -Saturday's child works hard for a living Though confined to their earthy coffins All vampires are eager to go hunting Both within the nightmares of mad dogs And outside the shrinking orbit of Saturn Sunday - The child that is born on the Sabbath day is bonny and blithe, and good and gay. East or west All for a rest When wanderers doze off in the sky Meditators wake up to a distant cry

poetryrepairs #204 14.09:102

All the fine arts are species of poetry--Samuel Taylor Coleridge

poetry repairs your heart
even as it splits it open.
The Art of Reading

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While whales are rocked slowly into slumber by deep blue sheets of silk, I watch with sun-struck shins turning tanned and think that of all life, this must be the sweetest milk.

from 15 years ago: vMM.09
poetryrepairs #204 14.09:102

I have many things to write unto you but
I will not write with pen and ink
--JOHN the theologian

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REGINALD SINCLAIR LEWIS Reggie Lewis is in Love with Marie Kazalia
In this darkly lit Juke Joint on North Beach The Banned LOVE BOOK by Beat Poet Lenore Kandel- This sweet old Doll, rises from the ashes of obscurity - And rumors abound an escaped Convict from DEATH ROW Is here to check out the show tonight - but nobody cares. At a table in the corner a BIG SEXY SWEDISH BLOND Tongue kisses a little Black Midget. The hookers stream in from The corner to sell snake oil dreams. Ernesto sings in Spanish. Marie Kazalia glides across The stage in a tight sexy Gypsy Black dress and Hefty sweat-glazed cleavage bouncing rhythmically, She steps between the Musicians and the Flamenco dancers, And through wet plum red lips She spits Erotic poems from THE LOVE BOOK. From the table in the front row The hardened convict hoots and claps and whistles. Then we hear the blaring sirens. Cops burst through the front door- Lenore Kandel screams, 'It's a raid!' James Cagney yells, 'I made it, Ma! top of the World!' The musicians pump up the sound. The BIG SEXY BLOND SWEDE Scoops up her Black Midget Lover in one arm and tosses Some guy through the plate glass window with the other. A chair breaks over someone's head. A beer bottle flies across the room. 'Hey, Git your filthy hands offa my girl, you dirty copper!' The convict shouts Struggles kicks against the noisy jangle of shackles and chains. And through the wispy curls of blue smoke. Marie Kazalia blows kisses at him As The Police drag him back... Back into the cold lonely cell of his DEATH ROW DREAMS.

from v04.09
poetryrepairs #204 14.09:102

Poetry endangers the established order
of the soul - Plato

REPAIR: resort, frequent or habitual going; concourse or confluence of people at or in a place; making one's way; to go, betake oneself, to arrive; return to a place; to dwell; to recover, heal, or cure; to renew; to fix to original condition. -- O.E.D.

LEWIS's title suggests a serious love poem; rather than a sonnet, he gives us a story about a humorous event - a police raid on a poetry reading! It is a fun read. Yet, I have a question: when a poet puts himself into a poem with another poet (we've published Marie Kasalia), are the characters ACTUAL though the situation seems a disjointed narrative. Is REGGIE LEWIS in the poem the same as REGINAL SINCLAIR LEWIS the poet or has the poet created personas who carry familiar names? It's a bit of humor directed at naive readers who always assume that the author or poet is one and the same as the speaker/character in the book. Consider how many times you've seen John Wayne die in a movie? Now he is actually dead. Who's who? is always part of the puzzle and plesasure of a narrative poem. --ed.


CHANMING YUAN : [week: directory of destinies]
REGINALD SINCLAIR LEWIS : Reggie Lewis is in Love with Marie Kasalia

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