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Real Names
I suppose you hit your second day of life with a last name. And the one you died carrying— at least officially—well you made that up somewhere after your thirteenth I heard, some day when a lone girl in the mine, cleaning tables in the camp-kitchen so she could eat, was asked. Were you asked? When did you lose the first last name? Coming home to find your parents had moved on without you—some day like that—you left behind that name? And later, cleaning rags in a bar so you had a room in the attic to sleep away the Montana mountain winter, you needed one? Did you need one? A name I mean—a name after the one they called when something got spilled? Even though they paid you in warmth, drink and left-over food so you never had to cash a cheque or write your name? But that day, you cleaning the billiard table and I asked —your mouth like an O on a dying trout—what?— no one had asked in years. Why was it that name that popped out of your mouth like the last air bubble that would ever breach the water's limit?

poetryrepairs #207 14.12:136

All the fine arts are species of poetry--Samuel Taylor Coleridge

poetry repairs your heart
even as it splits it open.
The Art of Reading

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The Closet
Curtains come up, wrap round, sway a little a little dance really in the movement  the moves air of weather  moon or sun  both sometimes stale  too still  silence loud with a mind of voices   the accusing                          the taunting                         the hateful                         the moral & coiled there the mortal coil  merely real  human in a room on fire  hiding eyes  tell-tale torches songs of longing  (no, no) be it from   the dug-out              the library              the galley              park               bar               school of tender gender  more than similar & different as people whose walls                            (environmental)                     whose walls                               (social)                        whose walls                              (political)                       whose walls are personal flames  that expand  by burning grow  opaque  grow  veins  lucent  that ache move the books that can't be shown the music heard by no one else the skin that is a greenhouse the hair wet midnight dew the mouth bolting over the other two  the other road the glass shards travelled  to touch  (locked, locked) reflect the doors  (open, open)  which are  (let me)  which could be  (help)  you

poetryrepairs #207 14.12:136

I have many things to write unto you but
I will not write with pen and ink
--JOHN the theologian

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#4 The First One is Always the Hardest #5 The Cuban Revolution Begins in Bogota #6 Women Have Been Good to Me
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A Writer's Autobiography Mercedes Webb-Pullman | Publishing Credits. Books MERCEDES WEBB-PULLMAN | Revision - my process
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MERCEDES WEBB-PULLMAN 'I Am the Real Fidel', a poem in 14 sections
§1 For me all nights are stormy §2 Love, then loss §3 Slowly I learn about war< /blockquote>page 044
§4 First one is the hardest §5 The Cuban Revolution begins in Bogota §6 Love's been good to me
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§7 Sierra Meastra §8 Power is necessary §9 The Argentine
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§10 La Sia §11 Bay of Pigs §12 Missiles in Crisis
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§13 Revolution as export §14 Finally, I'd like to thank ... Bibliography of The Fidel Suite
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Comparative Index, The FIDEL SUITE, Part i and Part ii JOHN HORVATH JR | Reading the Subtle, an Exercise JEFFREY M. WALLMANN | Seeing and Saying
poetryrepairs.com #199 14.04

poetryrepairs #207 14.12:136

Poetry endangers the established order
of the soul - Plato

REPAIR: resort, frequent or habitual going; concourse or confluence of people at or in a place; making one's way; to go, betake oneself, to arrive; return to a place; to dwell; to recover, heal, or cure; to renew; to fix to original condition. -- O.E.D.

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JIM BENNETT : The Closet
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