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C. J. MARECIC : Cursed With Hope

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Hidden Tea Leaves

Derelict names sat in their corners of discontent waiting for silence to be silent. They prayed night offered sleep but not now when the sky is ablaze. Time’s their tireless friend if it only offers tainted tea that stains their cups; it is enough the tea leaves are silent.

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The swirling light of a setting sun Turns every pip of summer Into a halfmoon-shaped dreamer Dreaming About a full and golden wheel Keep running towards another season Wrapped within the rind are ten fleshy carpels Ten thousand juicy associations

poetryrepairs #208 15,01:002

Cursed With Hope

You laugh at this, as if to remind me that any moron would want to live within the embrace of hope. It gives reason to rise in the morning courage to settle into the black of night. Without hope a dream is but a fetus stillborn in the heart. Without hope the heart hardens then clogs the gateway to the soul. Without hope the soul withers into a dime store effigy, the body a painted hide stretched upon a frame of brittle bones. Hope for me turns every egg every sperm into the lisp of a poem a moment irretrievably lost in love a nearly perfect angel a god's limp. Hope for me is the wing upon which I venture forth, fickle dreams clutched to my breast, along a sightless path between the sun and the moon grasping stars the braille of stars the flesh of my perdition as signposts. Hope taunts my heart my soul with audacious thoughts pernicious thoughts of the attainability of unattainable dreams the conquest of an insurmountable dream of love the senseless love of dreams. But let's face it, this can not be done it is really impossible it is merely fey it is illuminating the vast universe with the flame of a solitary candle it is smoke lost in the confusion of a storm cloud it is a drunken ride upon the reflection of a moonbeam it is feathers floating inexplicably earthward drifting randomly upon an infinite sea. Still, I am cursed with hope.

poetryrepairs #208 15,01:002

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RACHAELGRACE ADAMS writes from the Western US; this is her third appearance on POETRYREPAIRS


Croatian poet, C.J. MARECIC appeared in the 2005 issues of POETRYREPAIRS

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