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The Milk March

The milk march has started. We race to reach the shelter that will protect us from our parental drowsiness, that will let us race our toddlers instead of each other. Too enthusiastic, too happy, children; it is hard to keep up with joy.

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It Shows 

And this one, its roots are showing. All ragged and murky itís exposed in a play ground. When children step on it, bare feet and intentions, is the tree cringing? Is its uncovered roots quivering to the touch of more than air, less than soil? Who then holds who? Is it the tree holding its ground? Or maybe itís the earth attempting to contain the treeís branching? We donít call our relationship a loveĖhate one And yet, it may seem as if I play you in between them. We can put one child of ours on each side of the wooden plank. Donít let me be the one who is on the side that totters. Or can we, stand indifferent, Like this evergreen tree, (its top is never murky), that stands like it can wait for rain. And keep on waiting, without even being thankful when it finally arrives. We both know, the teeter-totter is level only when itís down. You and I, we canít tell, how much living is there, still, in its nervous system, in these narrow coarse edges of existence.

poetryrepairs #208 15,01:006

Salty Memories

Do you remember ... Do you remember the day when the wind Whispering its fantasy of sweetness Kissed your hair And caressed your face? Do you remember that day, that play Of life lived in a roller coaster of embraces Of deep revelry and softness When I held you? Do you remember that time, that passion That lust for life, that aching deepness When we loved, and lay Before the glowing embers The wine, the delicious taste Of love? Do you remember how we lost ourselves In a weekend of silent looks, books Of windswept moments And the taste of the salty sea air? Do you remember Can you forget How it was that time Those sweet bitter days Of love and lust That longing, that thirst That craving for completeness Together in one? Do you remember, do you remember That echoing dream The night, the day, the night The breathless cavorting The satisfaction, the completeness Do you remember? Do you remember, it echoes in my thoughts That memory, that endless time Love lost in a frozen moment Reality fixed in a dream Do you remember as I do? Do you remember?

poetryrepairs #208 15,01:006

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GILI HAIMOVICH, an Israeli=Canadian poet and translator published internationally, writes in Hebrew (Lint Season (Pardes, 2011), My Forces Fire (Even Hoshen, 2007), Reflected Like Joy (Gavanim, 2002), and Contact Glue (Gavanim, 2001)) and English (In North America, read the collection Living on a Blank Page).

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