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EFTICHIA KAPARDELI : Love in Your Own Embrace
ANTHONY LICCIONE : Dust from Diamonds Cut

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Love in Your Own Embrace 

Love when blesses us when it wrongs us in the body and in the soul I sink the nails in her full with blood heart in the flesh naked I devise the kiss I learned nothing apart from your name I found in him rays the fire it controls Love the sun heats my memory and my heart when narcissus blooms its flame burns him the ash it makes dust of diamond a sin sweet that to love him creates a holy communion and him it makes holy In both hearts that remained chronic small it is born it grows love in your own embrace

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The opponents have receded The poisons human mind They ruined ths reality They left back destruction In the ruins i found The chased innocence Above in piles from stones Just as fat drops of rain Invade from everywhere In the old house that Sometimes was familiar In the ruins refugees Alive a new child A rosy promise Chastity and youth Was rescued

poetryrepairs #210 15,03:026

Dust from Diamonds Cut

A mulish man behind his money is like the moon behind the sun, a dead stone radiating off the flame- quarter of Lucifer, half of Satan.

poetryrepairs #210 15,03:026

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born in Athens, residing in Patras, a writer of poems, stories, short stories, xai-kou , essays and novels. She studied journalism from AKEM, Athenian training center. Has a section at the University of Cyprus in Greek culture . She plays classical guitar and is also a Fire Department. A member the Faculty of Philology at the University of Patras and winner of several awards in national competitions. She has published 16 books and her work is recognized in national and international anthologies. She speaks English and Italian.

From upstate New York, ANTHOY LICCIONE has written poetry for over ten years. His poems appear in Snow Monkey, Baby Clams Press, Nuvein Magazine In 2005 Foothills Publishing released LICCIONE's first chapbook.

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