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MICHAEL LEE JOHNSON : Schizophrenia Night
JAN OSKAR HANSEN : Men Overboard

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Schizophrenia Night

to John Nash, A Beautiful Mind (Movie, 2001)
I am a chalkboard computer brain. I have updated drawn raw images even the classroom students cannot see, hear, nor understand. They sit quietly in Disneyland wondering about my eccentricities I capture there stillness, then I speak. I am the professor, special agent of government dream tracer of crossroad puzzles. Photographic memory in private rooms, did I hear a critic, erase destroy dissociative thoughts. I walk out unsteady in disbelief. Is there a shadow of storybooks following me? I am a genius; I know who I am. I spend nights in formula construction drawing full color images of my brain, percentages of gray matter lost. I stick my ego to the eagle of the sky. When on a high on an airplane, self-love, full bloom, I keep my enemies at bay. I shelter the skeletons of thought. I trust Jesus because His image is stable, every group I have ever known says "The Lord's Prayer." Even then, new members leave, disappear, I hear what they said. I had an MRI to trace all my youthful abuses. There were no images there but voices I remember. I cast there shadows, audio, visual for show, in the background. In time, they quiet their voices. I walk beyond their images. I pass on, they still screenplay. You have to stretch lean, refer to sanity, drink Asian tea, smooth out hallucinated sounds before that stage, I took that Nobel prize, even before, I forgave you. I am weak at this end.

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Men Overboard

On a sheet of fair green ocean the crew of a shipwrecked tanker float bobbing up and down in a synchronized harmony. They have got yellow life jackets on a colour that keeps sharks at bay, not that it matters now that seagulls have gouged their eyes out. When night descends gentle as a blanket lovingly tucked around a sleeping child they will be washed ashore on a paradise island of golden sand and coconut palms.and there they will dry and be slim under a tropical sun till they are lighter that the tail feather of a sparrow then they will fly with the prevailing wind and see what they didn't have time to see as crew on practical ships made of steel

poetryrepairs #210 15,03:032

Possum Slim (V2)

105 years old today Possum Slim finally gets his GED, drinks gin, talks with the dead. “Strange kind of folks come around here, strange ghosts” he says, “come creeping pretty regular. Just 2 ghosts, the only women I ever loved, the only women I ever shot dead.”

poetryrepairs #210 15,03:032

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