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PAT SCHNEIDER : This is a River

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Crystal Lake

Blisters were front row seats for rowing pull harder. The spud slid under the ice. It was his favorite spud and it was not a potato. The hook fucked worms. Minnows pulled dead skin from a boyís leg. It tickled and then he died anyway. The hand feared a hand that wasnít there. It loved her from Fife Lake. The cinderblocks did not come up easily. Water iced her lungs kick frog kick. The sparklers went hush in the bucket. Only you can prevent forest fires only you

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The Elements

Water bees rink, ken, the everything, a luxury, dis- perser of evidence, amni- otic zen before grief. Friendly fire alone or me- lting wax above the grate its little candle, coronas of rickrack splank sky, even the blindfeel it. Air, a song with wings, a tattletale, skinís enemy, atomizer of fresh bread smells from Aunt Emís bakery. A person can be lost on Earth and not know it. Itís dark moons under nails. Rub muddle into skin to match the night. Splingo.

poetryrepairs #210 15,03:036

This is a River

This is a River underground, row; row. A sideshow clown stands immobile on the shore. Row the riverboat. The door opening to the vanished fair must be up ahead somewhere. Lighted faces behind glass leer and disappear. We pass an empty boat. An eye is painted on the stern. I cry "Where did all the riders go?" No one seems to want to know. In the morning, was it fair? Was a sign, a promise there? Was there a doorway and a clown or was there only going down? Row the riverboat. The door stands immobile on the shore. Row; row. A sideshow clown. This is a River underground.

poetryrepairs #210 15,03:036

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"This is a River' first appeared in Minnesota review, then in PAT SCHNEIDER's collection,Olive Street Transfer

EDITOR: poetryrepairs' submission guide is that we 'seldom publish rhymes'. Here is a case where that rule is broken. Note that the end rhymes do not occur with a period... the rhyme avoids the redundant stop that makes the end rhyme familiar to nursury rhyme. The rhyme is part of immediate and delayed repetition. In short, more happens here than just the rhyme scheme which is here a tool in the hands of a poet
When presented by the obvious, one should read carefully as the poet may "play" with preconcevied notions. 'This is a River' is not about the mundane water on the surface but is "underground'. With the cvlown waiting on the bank of the rivier, a reader may recall Greek mythology and the river Styx which the dead must cross.Poets often create deapth and multiple meanings with such subtle manipulation of the obvious."

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