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ABIGAIL B. CALKIN Soul of my Soldier
:Salt Licks
: A Parentís Pain
: Wall Drug

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Salt Licks

There has to be a better road than to send young menó flowers flourishing at the beginning of bloomó to war to return home to bawl like babies or sob like a mother who has just lost her child. I grow weary of tending my husbandís tears in buckets and jars around the house.

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A Parentís Pain

When he spoke of his sonís return home from his first tour, he teared, audibly choked, turned his face sharply away from me.

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Wall Drug

Deep in the desert, he stood by the sign his face unshaved, weapon and mouth held slack, stared into the lens of space. He would bless the absence of emotion if he thought about feeling nothing. His eyes pierce deep beyond pain and exhaustion, Allow a film to sever him from the worldís blindness. I want to hold the five-year-old boy you once were, soothe the open artery, rock you and tell you it will all be all right, watch you recover then leap from my lap to run and play as if you never will let any blood again.

poetryrepairs #211 15,04:040

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