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:Hold Me Close No Matter the Distance
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Hold Me Close No Matter the Distance 

Hold me close with your smile, witty comments and love making —all the touch of a rose petal against my skin— your laughter that sparkles your eyes as it turns my serious moments into daily reality. Hold me close with all the things you do for me—dishes, vacuuming, wood for the stove you cut, stack and put in the wood box, grocery shopping, heavy work in the garden. In sleep at night or naps you curl me in the sound of your voice and pragmatic words. I’ll make you a sign that says A man’s work is never done. Hold me close as I spot you walk through the woods, a Magritte painting as you move amidst the trees. Hold me as we take two or fifteen mile walks, go out in the skiff together or when you boat alone. Then I miss your clothes and skin, your hair and varied smells. Then I worry till I welcome you home again. Today you smelled like gasoline from the sawmill. When I miss your presence, I see your face. Your eyes and smile envelop me. I see the handsome man in uniform —military, nursing, or coveralls— All of you holds me close no matter the distance. I married the right man. How can I ever miss you for you Are always here with me.

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Protocol in Bed

Soon to fall asleep again I said Lovely. Thanks. He replied Yes Ma’am. "Yes Ma’am." In bed. To his wife. A second of silence and I burst out laughing. So did he till we cuddled to sleep. Protocol! It never evaporates.

poetryrepairs #211 15,04:045


It’s larger than our marriage larger than the sum of us. The universe walks into our room, Lies down on the bed— Takes form as mastodon, whale or planet, wraps around the in and out of us, never leaves. Curls in the corner and naps as we walk our daily lives.

poetryrepairs #211 15,04:045

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