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I never saw my assailant

I was lying face down examining the cracks in paving stones when the police came and searched for toe prints in the lumber area of my back I never saw my assailant I was lying face down examining the cracks in paving stones when the mad massager attacked

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I am a student of art… I have studied the art of the Pre Raphaelite and like minded Victorians in some depth… I also like some of the contemporary realists like Dino Valls… and I have been a long time admirer of the late HR Giger… otherwise, there is little 20th Century art that interests me… I enjoy the paintings of Marcel Duchamp but believe his ready-mades etc. are a joke played on the art world that the art world, to Duchamp’s great amusement took seriously… and I have always been an admirer of Salvador Dali… I have also studied the art of the Ndebele women of South Africa who taught me how to use black…

people who see my work often are puzzled that my own work does not look like that of the artists I admire and enjoy looking at… for example, many people have pointed out that my art has some of a Picasso “look”… and even though I had Picasso and his children shoved down my throat all through art school and spent years trying to be the opposite of Picasso… well, yes, there is some Picasso in there and I now can see it and even look at some of Picasso’s work with an appreciative eye…

the thing is, I have always loved very meticulous work and from my earliest oil painting attempts tried to hone those skills, with no support or training whatsoever as my art school was all abstract expressionist and my attempts at representational art were roundly ridiculed… I attempted to make meticulous paintings of people in landscapes… and succeeded to some degree… as I made some of these paintings in my twenties and thirties… one of my daughters still has a few of these pieces, but I consider them to be student works and have destroyed most of the ones I still have…

until I was in my late 30s, I was not able to just let the art happen the way my brain and body wanted it to happen and so the work I made was all false, dishonest and artificial… at one point, in my thirties, I made a ballpoint pen cubist drawing and it was like the scales fell from my eyes and although I still tried to make a few highly detailed strictly representational paintings, I realized at that time that I was being false and trying to force and art that made the audience say “wow, look at that!!!” through shear verisimilitude… but when I just let the art happen, using all of the painterly skills I had developed and trying to lose the ego altogether… make the art for my own purposes and forget about trying to impress any audience at all… well, the art started to thrill me in a totally new way…

so, I started calling myself a noncommercial artist… I love that people look at my art and find something in it, but that is so after the fact!!!! it is making the art that jazzes me… and apparently, figures and trees… in tone and color patterns with a bit of painterlyness is what is in my brain and what wants to come out through my fingers… and my work is intricate and highly detailed, even if it does not look anything like the work of the artists I enjoy looking at… Dino Valls and HR Giger are wonderful in their separate ways but they are not me and I am not and never will be them…

poetryrepairs #211 15,05:049

Encounter On The Llano Estacado

Death Woman rode nude astride a black horse, and sang arias to endings. A giant snake wove itself about her arms and torso – her retinue zig zagged behind her, brought up in the rear by a black woman holding a glittering sword and leading a white mule. Comanches scattered in terror from her ivory limbs and her black, veiled countenance. Her soaring a capella notes Echoed back across rolling hills to rejoin and augment her wailing dirge. Superstition galloped onward as her iron will cleared a path toward an incipient tomorrow.

poetryrepairs #211 15,05:049

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