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BRUCE DODSON : Casualties at Sea
BRUCE DODSON : Freeway Incident
MICHAEL LEE JOHNSON : Poem of Sinners and Saints (V2)

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Casualties At Sea

The Causes: Engine failure due to flooding cause unknown bad maintenance bad pump no autopsy at fifty fathoms. Deadheads another entry running into floating objects things that shouldn't be there. Operator fell asleep is often listed the controls and course preset while still in safety of the harbor ocean, smooth and flat with splatterings of moonlight ship on auto-pilot late at night with engine humming softly helmsman dreams of Rio ran aground. Collision: Cause -misinformation Faulty maps Blind faith Vessel off course collides with one on time And in its proper place on time. Broadsided large wave earthquake underneath the sea life swept away there's no defense not even steel . . . or wisdom. Lousy weather: three men saved their lives by holding on waves topped with freezing spray. These were the reasons ships went down In January . . . Coos Bay, Oregon, to Nome, Alaska. It was much the same on land.

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Freeway Incident 

October dawn illuminates green flatlands Where the Mississippi and Missouri rivers join Enormous copper disk floats gently on blue haze That lingers over fields of winter wheat. Long V-shaped flights of geese make their way south As cars and people sail the concrete ribbons On their way to this day’s labors Bright chrome streaming brilliant glitter on the freeway Workers pass the rising sun Eternal planet incident. Traffic slows some miles beyond the city But I'm early Filled with energy and life Still in my thirties Safe within the steel and plastic womb of my old car The hours of work are many Those I call my own too few. A siren reveilles me from these morning thoughts As rescue trucks streak by . . . lights flashing Blue and red proclaim and accident ahead Now barely moving we pass twisted metal Shattered glass And blood Medics are excavating victims from their crumpled cages. Passers-by are stalled Observing and somehow removed This tragic scene Sun gaining strength on rising Burning off the softness of this day A helicopter hovers to survey the damage AM radio relays the news – KMOX Two dead Their folks don’t know yet. Uniformed State Troopers wave us on impatiently Keep moving, they admonish Gawkers slowing traffic Keep it moving There’s no time to look Or think Just keep it moving.

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Poem of Sinners and Saints (V2)

MICHAEL LEE JOHNSON 443311 Sinners hurt. Moonlight cracks open like a walnut, spreads soft light across open sky. Sinners hurt. They dart to alleyways, bury themselves behind their own trails shaking fists at the sky; hiding their nasty nonsense in shame, city buildings rattle their bricks, mortar loose at their rib cage. Where do sinners break out from when their deeds exposed? All men think they are sword men daggers in darkness. All women think they are entry points leaning against brick walls, slender on sidewalks past midnight, nothing but shadows, twitching of lips. Women look for drawing cards in their makeup kits. No one cares jackals, scavengers, men tempted by night. Thunder dreams hammer at their ears, rain urinate sins on street corners, mice crawl away to small places shamed. Footsteps scatter directions as sunlight sprouts. Misdeeds carry no names with them they trip blind, racing to morning jobs. Early morning crows fly. Sin hurts staples in women's lungs, staples dagger in men's ribs.

poetryrepairs #211 15,05:050

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Bruce Louis Dodson relocated from San Francisco, California to Borlänge, Sweden where he continues to write fiction and poetry. DODSON's most recent work has appeared in: High Coupe, Sleeping Cat Books-Trips of a Lifetime, Sounds of solace, Northern Liberties Review, and Writers Abroad Anthology – 2014