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Short Stanzas

to: Dennis Greene
Short stanzas potent in meaning, need no biography, no explanation. His fingers tremble, slowly moving through pages, yet with certainty the pen moves through his imposed restrictions, shifting language in precision, words come; go by the way, discarded, painting the color of expressions. Seasons flow through him pass, return; stimulating mind, implants; hands retrieve the balancing case, colored pills ingested, convey a semblance of respite from unwanted burdens. I have learned much about Parkinson's disease written by hesitant, poetic hands. When I thought I was empty; he fills the well, with his moral fiber, And he carries unwanted burdens with no stopover. Who am I to complain? I listen to his criticisms, as he lacerates my words, moving black pigment on crisp white pages: We didn't ask for this. He with his disease, I with my infirmity; though we know the broken road, word-for-word. And he would be first to say short stanzas potent in meaning, need no biography, no explanation. Our poems edited. Coffee he asks? Shuffling - slowly away.

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The Schooner

On the flatland between the vales I could see the sea, had been walking uphill for a long time now, after the plain it was downhill and the way to the coast was easy enough only it was getting cold and I wore a light navy uniform. (had been on furlough) Then I saw a protestant house of worship, but it was there on its own no other houses to be seen not even a lone light from a farm. A window was open and since it was also getting dark I was tired I climbed in and rested on a pew. Fell asleep, awoke and heard organ music the church was full of matelotes singing psalms. The pastor spoke about sin, redemption and god’s glory, then his flock silently left. Dawn, I saw a magnificent sunrise, continued my walk to the coast. In a morning open café I told a girl behind the counter where I had slept, she looked confused as far as she knew the church was torn down years ago since it was haunted, as it was built of planks of a schooner that ran aground with loss of all hands.

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The Rainbow Man

There was a man, who built a massive kaleidoscope, I think he was a borderline communist looking for equality amongst colours…then he walked in to it. He was so enthralled by his finding that, yes indeed all are different but very equal, even white and black had an important place in the scale of shades. He didn’t come out to eat thought he could eat hues instead, which according to him, in his colour induced? delirium, tasted as marmalade on fresh loaf; so he was left in his heaven and forgotten. Years later when he was found they discovered, a pink skeleton wrapped in non conformity.

poetryrepairs #212 15,05:055

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