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AZZA EL WAKEEL : Poetry Remains My Haven
AZZA EL WAKEEL : Don't You Know?

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Poetry Remains My Haven 

Poetry remains my haven Verses that I dwell in And they dwell in me My sentiments flow in them My blood pours in my ink I search for myself Reshape my world Live my full liberty Draw my feelings Pull away with my imagination Elevate to touch the sky Tickle the clouds And the rain falls in my palms I sit with the moon Collect the stars Ornament with them the trees I love you the way I want Whenever I want And summon the spring in winter I become complete in the presence of inspiration And in its absence I'm in a state of division I glow in the presence of the poetry’s devil And in his absence I'm in a state of disorientation I don't know if my poetry for you Is because I love you Or I love you to write poetry I don't know if the geniality of what I write Is from my mind or from the Valley of Abqar* But I know that poetry in my life Is a desire, gift and estimated destiny *(In Arab myths Abqar is the valley where the devils of poetry live)

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Don't You Know?

Don’t you know That inside me is a child You can satisfy With a piece of candy And a sweet word A child her eyes Are drawn while she sleeps With rosy dreams Who plays on the childhood’s beach Builds her sand castles A child who fears heart dreariness So don’t turn off the love’s lamp A child who is convinced Because of her innocence That the seasons of love Know neither autumn nor sorrows Please let the fruit of my love ripen Don’t pick it prematurely Please let my heart’s cycle be complete Don’t impede the time wheel rotation A child who only needs A box of colored pencils To draw her private universe To create in her drawing book Her own world And travel through her letters Outside the borders of the place A child who’s still with a braid Awaiting fingertips’ tenderness

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Buster Keaton

"Sympathy For The Devil" resuscitates our adrenalin strongbox. The trailer park's strip lights twink as we fish up the lift-thumbing Beat by the painted milepost at The Far Side Of Reality. And snatchin' at the blinker-signal dodge-dust up Thunder Road onto the cloverleaf freeway interchange and open the throttle for a chuckle at the drive-in movies.

poetryrepairs #212 15,06:063

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AZZA EL WAKEEL is an Egyptian poetess who enjoys writing poetry since the age of eleven, I never studied poetry nor literature so if I'm good it's because I'm simply gifted, I published two modern Arabic poetry books and translated some of my poems from Arabic language into English language which are all published in my website http://www.azzaelwakeel.com