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HEIDI B MORRELL : Beyond the Furrows
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Beyond the Furrows

-for E. Dickinson
That you know the harsh swell, the knot of stricture and the great release of death. That you know the veined eyelid a moment pressed by the fiber hunting bird paused upon your fence. That you gathered fields and nimbus skies into your clear but cautious heart, sweeping ashes all the while with a broom bound for your work apart. That you never ventured far aloft or trundled beyond the furrows, you still applied joyful palettes soft no isolation could narrow. That next your kind eyes keen and smart spill dark and grievous throes, how did you know all this was a part, you just looked I suppose.

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A Wife Not Mine

My brother the warrior, died on a distant battlefield. His wife sleeps in the garden tonight on a blanket by the pond, she's my woman now. Gave herself to me but for her heart and a memory that can't be erased, when nature's war thundered overhead. In moonlight she's a statue of ebony with a Janus' mask of hidden longings. She dreams, smiles a beam from a heart full of love for her warrior's shadow, as clouds drift passed the moon. Awakes when the fiend, in the nursery cries. I have seen those eyes before and know that my brother will never die.

poetryrepairs #212 15,06:064

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