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EFTICHIA KAPARDELI : All beautify the world
BETSY E. LISTER : Where Do Beautiful Souls Go

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All beautify the world

All beautify the world Spring and my heart hidden blooming lily the flower to the Sun shines flame abundant with longing and affection With silent dreams clean heart flooding dew desire and goodness The sheets catch the wind The leaves hunters when rays fall on the heat in the fog when the rainbow fading out the flames of the Spring Sun irrigates with colors ..... and stems collect in life, beloved

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Red leaves

In a slice of heaven sealing lips soil pebble memorabilia kept in a small box *** Gold and light sow born in flames wax bird lives Sleeping Child their hearts adorn with red leaves eyes hurt off *** With a sprig of lemon the dream is not waiting bodies of the times dizzy fell asleep the birth of time large trees great beauty roots everywhere between sun spots the white fingers glide they burrow deeper freedom and brotherhood spent secretly *** The first star every night I light the temple of souls sit up in the long tern Trees bent irrigated with water immortal

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Where Do Beautiful Souls Go

Where do beautiful souls go when they die; Where is the comfort; where is it they lie? Are they with loved ones and cared for dear; Is an angel with them, or is one near? Lord answer the question Because I need to know Please tell me where Beautiful souls go?

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Eftichia Kapardeli born in Athens, residing in Patras, is a regular contributor to poetryrepairs.
KARPARDELI blogs @ http://eftichiakapa.blogspot.gr/2013/08/blog-post_4143.html

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