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PETER KROK : Miss Sergeant
PETER KROK: Looking For His Mind

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Leaving you, my smiling Sergeant, here at Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage, while our Nation’s F15‘s boomerang across the sky. Leaving your warmth in this lingering summer knowing with the solstice there comes again winter darkness, black nights we both want to avoid. Going back four thousand miles to the East Coast, taking on my way the crush of your smile and your southern charm in describing things, sweet Sergeant, from Boonesville, Mississippi. As you said, "The state with all the i’s." Like the Zen master who says once seen, an image never goes away, I take you back. Aren't we always leaving? “If only” I mutter to myself. As the jet climbs back across the clouds, I hover between rest and wakefulness, a book by my side, Jack Daniels miniature in my hand, remembering and forgetting, drowning the distance of our lives.

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Looking For His Mind

How many times he told himself, This too shall pass? How many times he fell into the darkness where he cannot find his glasses? And he keeps falling. He is filled with his own questions. The Zen Master asks, Where are you going? He answers, I am looking for my mind. The master replies, You will not find it. You must take another path. He walks to Warsaw and greets the bushy browed Polish Poet with the fixed stare. He tells him he is looking for his mind. The Pole answers, You are not done with your changes.

poetryrepairs #215: 15.07:077


Despite medical experts and constant warnings, they form their circle. No longer welcome inside, they light up outside. Thirty feet from the office they gather at a gazebo and talk about the day … weather … getting away … so & so … Much they can do nothing about.

poetryrepairs #215: 15.07:077

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'Looking for His Mind' appeared in Ragazine

'BREAK' first appeared in U.S. 1 Worksheets