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Small Talk

Long time, no see! (The lines of communication are) Doing well? Itís been so long since Iíve seen (A two-way street, my friend.) You. You havenít changed a bit. (Your outbound traffic lanes) Must be going now, I (Seem to have hit a roadblock.) Hope to see you again soon. Hollywood Love There seems to be this Misconception that scars are Very intriguing. Oh, the tricks weíve Learned from Hollywood. Can you bottle up a movie? (The ultimate test of love) Big sigh. Long pause. I donít have an answer. We all just want to be loved. A valentine on everyoneís seat, So no one would be offended. And a big smile, of course ďBecause youíre worth it.Ē Nothing works better. No more mismatches. No more guesswork. No more error. Talk about a beautiful thing.

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The Poetís Conversion

Itís time to finger paint With feelings, and Hang your heart out to dry On a canvas of Your Technicolor dreams. Mix passion and perfection; Pursue ideas born outside the norm. Fill your pens with the Blood of imagination, Write until youíve given ink significance. This is your call, Your song of silence. Today friends, Itís time for a little revival.

poetryrepairs #221 16.02:018

  GUEST EDITOR Ralph Monday
  Background and Books

RALPH MONDAY is Associate Professor of English at Roane State Community College in Harriman, Tennessee, and has published hundreds of poems in over 50 journals. A chapbook, All American Girl and Other Poems, was published in July 2014. A book Empty Houses andAmerican Renditions was published May 2015 by Aldrich Press. A Kindle chapbook Narcissus the Sorcerer was published June 2015 by Odin Hill Press.

Website: Ralph Monday

Empty Houses and American Renditions
Reading Ralph Monday's Empty Houses and American Renditions is oddly like re- experiencing a vaguely similar version of your own life. The memories may be slightly different but the nostalgia these poems invoke is tangible. You might find yourself saying, after experiencing his memories ďI donít remember it exactly that wayĒ, completely forgetting they werenít your memories to begin with. That is the power of these poems. The feelings they leave you with are your feelings. That is until you get to the second half of the book when the rest of the world and all of its history come rushing in. Pop culture and ancient characters dance together like the span of centuries never existed. Itís seamless. This is the book of your life. You may want to bring extra air for the elephant.
óRick Lupert, publisher of PoetrySuperhighway.com

Narcissus the Sorcerer
This book is amazing! The author has explored the theme of narcissism in the modern world and done a wonderful job of illustrating the dangers of interacting with a narcissistic personality. The book's theme is taken from the ancient Greek myth of Narcissus, a youth so entranced by his own beauty that he drowned while gazing at his own reflection in a forest pool. What makes the book so unique is how this ancient theme is transported to the modern world and updated.

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