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LYN LIFSHIN: The Ones Gone, But Lovers I'm Sure I'll See Again
KENNETH KESNER : Circa 1905 Near the Irawadi

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The Ones Gone, But Lovers I'm Sure I'll See Again

in some abandoned rail station in Omaha or Lorraine. There, alone, face to face, melting into each other as if no time passed. David, with his guitar and Bob Dylan records, signed Dylan Thomas books, David in the big white house whose address I checked each Vermont trip, wondered how we could be in the same city often, never collide. And of course the man, as close as he’ll ever be, under a flag in Arlington Cemetery as if we both left upstate New York to be close to each other. Daydreaming on a morning pewter rain blurs branches. Now I’m not as sure but there was that one freeze frame of utter longing, a bookstore aisle in a town I’m rarely in. Before I had time to think, those arms, as if there was a life line between then and when we coiled on my velvet. Skin, your hands, your “lets,” a pink moment, a high before I read. He was more gorgeous, I’d never seen him in a suit and tho I couldn’t, can’t for that moment in the aisle of books, every part of me was more alive than I can remember I ever was or will be

poetryrepairs #222 16.03:035

Circa 1905 Near the Irawadi

on the way outside the temple chants of the monks though quiet they’re lost as daylit images strike upon themselves leaving shadows nowhere to wander so still they are remembering to forget all thoughts but one

poetryrepairs #222 16.03:035

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