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ROBERT WILSON: Your Arteries Are My Religion

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William F. DeVault
By means of introduction

If you know me, you know I hate editing. I hate editing and I hate editors. Not the people themselves, but the role editing and editors have played in my life. I had an editor of a high school newspaper reverse two lines in a poem of mine because she thought it read better that way. The rapidly escalating war of words resulted in that poem being kicked out of the newspaper and white space run in its place. My reputation and attitude were set. Itís been largely downhill in my relationship with editors since then, as I think of poetry like photography. Before Photoshop. A moment, whether in emotion or imagery, is captured and frozen forever. Editing the poem is often detrimental to the truth, and is always a lie. Yes, I know.Send death threats as you must, to williamfdevault@cityoflegends.com and I will read them. But ignore them. When John Horvath, whom I had the honor of meeting and reading alongside of during the Second Southern Poetsí Reading Tour in 1997, approached me with the opportunity to edit an issue of his journal/site, PoetryRepairs.com, I was just wrapping the first year as editor of my own journal, amomancies ( http://www.amomancies.com ), which carries its own brutal cross to bear. You think writers are bad? Work with writers and photographers and models. I am not sure whether I am barking mad or a masochist, but as I am a poet in 21st century America, most likely both. So, I took the opportunity. Johnís a great guy and solid poet. He helped me win a bet, once. I then contacted several poets I had either previously published in amomancies, or had worked with last year during my involvement with the International Beat Poetry Festival. These include my longtime brother in poetry, Larry Jaffe; the diner poet himself, Daniel McTaggart; key members of the cabal that put together the international Beat Poetry Festival, Debbie Tosun Kilday and Colin Haskins; the brilliant (if occasionally glum) Robert Wilson; the poet/playwright Theodore Webb; the far too young to be so multitalented Jessica Lorraine Zickefoose and Alysha J. Nasser; and New Orleansí own Nordette N. Adams. Oh yes, and me. A few others begged off as too busy, or were passive aggressive over how much they (they think secretly) despise me, but thatís okayÖas it was I was buried under a virtual mountain of literal iterary efforts. Here is my extract of what I was given, with a handful of poems of mine thrown in for seasoning. Iím not a total egomaniac, you know.

poetryrepairs #227 16.08 085

Your Arteries Are My Religion

I can tell by the holes in your hands that you no longer want me but will you throw me down just to watch me wind myself back or will you finally sever me from your fingers this time? Oh, my most beautiful part-time friend, we used to sit in barren fields, lifeless but bursting with soul, holding each other as fragments of aircraft rained around us. Your tears were mirrors where I could see myself as something other than a monster and my tears were a place where you could feel worthwhile like you should. There's going to be a sinkhole where all these perfect things once stood whenever you decide to leave and it will swallow up everything you ever gave or told me. When it's all gone, I'll toss myself to this void that indifference clawed out, clasping the months and years to my bruised chest as the sides of impending nothingness echo all the times you told me you loved me.

poetryrepairs #227 16.08 085

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