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KENNETH KESNER : Sea of Okhotsk
DALE PERCY : Bird Of Passage

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Sea of Okhotsk

i sometimes want to outrun that life that of a shaman sometimes i watch as she steps backwards forever between endless curves out there in here will you live through the sacrifice an offering written in belief like death somehow so much silence in the dance so much she bleeds in fire to answer

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Bird Of Passage

O! Kansas City! O! New York! O! Los Angeles! O! Paris! O! Listen! O! Listen! O! Listen to the unknown Bird! He’s tired of eating the seeds he’s given, And shitting on yesterday’s news! He’s looked into his mirror, And seen the future! Set him free! Set him free! O! Open his cage -- let him out! O! The uncaged Bird! On stage and off experience, Beating wings of revolution, In the face of a Be Bop hurricane, Dancing with the Devil’s Interval Excruciatingly intense; effortless looking In that still moving standstill moment, Where there is no time. O! The uncaged Bird! The one no hunter can hit to classify! A Whitman on the alto, Hatching liberties in ideas, In acceptance of self-expression. Flying a frantic, fantastic, forlorn, Freedom! Changing the landscape, By changing the chords. O! The uncaged Bird! Tight and pure, Or slurred and loose, Delicately using strings, Threading ideas through the eye of a needle, Sewing a migration of music, For all seasons, And all reasons. O! The uncaged Bird! Such a plume of brilliance, With spur of the moment innovations, That will last for millennia. Always unhittable, Ultimately unknowable. O! The uncaged Bird! Darting around an empty sky, A flit! A flit! A flutter! Staying on the branch for only so long, Before flying away forever. O! The uncaged Bird! O! Listen! Listen … Listen … … listen. (Foll-ow ME, in-to PAR-ker's Mo-o- o-d)

poetryrepairs #230 15,11:123


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KENNETH KESNER lives in Shan State of Myanmar, has poems included in The Criterion, Danse Macabre du Jour, The Inflectionist Review and Subterranean Blue Poetry, is a long-time student of Tae Kwon Do

DALE PERCY "Bird Of Passage", is about saxophone virtuoso Charlie Parker. I tried to use as many references to a bird, as "Bird" was Parker's nickname.