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My Mother was a Sioux

(a memory of Montana)
She sits on the sofa
with her hands in her lap
her grey hair is long on her shoulder
in a tress
old brown eyes wink at me
to take place beside of her
‘my mother was a Sioux’
her daughter tells me from the kitchen
‘you like jelly
on your bread?’
I sit beside of her
and she smiles
it is a smile I have never seen before
on the face of a woman
I have never met a Sioux
‘Many Americans look for their roots nowadays,
they like to have Indian blood.’
‘Oh I guess they have lost their identity
somewhere in their actions’, I say
‘I come from the farmlands
in the East of Holland.’
I still sit beside of her
she takes my hand.
The jelly can wait on the table
also the bread.
Holding her hand I look through narrow windows
to the high mountains covered with snow
till I hear a voice from the kitchen:
‘She never spoke a word to me
my mother was born as a Sioux
and is deaf and mute -
she lives with old memories
but is very clever and bright.


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HANNIE ROUWELER (b. 13 June 1951, Goor, The Netherlands). With economical use of concrete details or a few brushstrokes she creates her own poetic world. In that totality she exposes a tension between dream and reality, past and present, imagination and phrase. In this way she paints her reality in relation to her immediate environment, human or otherwise. She has published over 25 volumes of poetry, some of which have been translated into foreign languages (Polish, English, Spanish, French, Romanian and Norwegian). Hannie Rouweler has compiled several anthologies. She attended the Art Academy (evening classes) in Belgium, 2005-2010. She lives in Leusden, The Netherlands, since 2013