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HIRA SADHAK : In my world of poetry
HIRA SADHAK : Read my Unspoken Words

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In my world of poetry

I travel with you in joy and enjoy suffering in imagination, Everywhere, in desert cyclone Kalahari to dark cold Amazon No concern for the forthcoming change mood of geography . No interest in dressing up my bleeding wounds cacophony I am on my mission freedom already pardoned who looted my half bloom tender yesterday, when chaos broke traffic signal Now no interest in antique yellow research historical evidence Crossed threshold of time, fly to moon to catch wings of clouds I never want to confront arrogant time , buried in black whole left behind daily that death in operation theatre day and night Expanding the density of morgue every time , society nuclear City is suffering from obesity crack clearly visible on the wall With lucid sense of your presence ,I enjoy life never before On the top of blue mountain dry my cotton dance to old pine Blocked my tears , sing to air, none to stop my rhythm love tune Absence conflicting signals abusive analytics, no synthetic time You have unwrapped me ,nestling hope in my poetry kingdom Surely pain succumbed to pleasing pressure crystal air oxygen I enjoy green freedom , late night wine with cascading moon In a new world binomial , without any coloured explanation

poetryrepairs #234 17,02:016

Read my Unspoken Words

Often I wonder what would likely happen All those spoken words of us recorded never. Quietly dialogue captured in indulgent eyes Trust reflected in our agreed innocent smiles What would happen to those faded foot prints unknowingly left by us over the green soft grass endless travel in exile, exposing all hidden inner who will complete unfinished canvas ,water colour what would happen to our incomplete notes Secretly put in a cascade in your back waters All the sweet words engraved by emotion invented to break the hidden codes forsalvation I do not know If still you hold those manuscript Which crafted you in, without any copy right Story of long drawn battle fought in the cyclone To install a memorial of love over scary ocean But I am sure you would never come to know , When Pink eloped with intimate evening snow Invisible would replace silky hopes by white cotton Since cyclone damaged means of communication You may or not salvage a non descript foot note next day in a corner of the last page of nation Don’t try to discover a new star mid night clouds Open blank pages album read my unspoken words

poetryrepairs #234 17,02:016

Love Lingers On The Chaise

It has winked and slipped past me in humming school hallways, on waxed floors, down stairways. It has trysted me in empty corners of the same buildings and twisted its own summer rules, lips pressing like puckered irons through her skirt, my pants, in the clinch. August mornings skidded along, dusty across the lawns, drifted through my window with the clacking of typewriters and plangencies from the arched piano teacher’s house. It swirled around my ankles, up to my waist and over my shoulders. Even the light of February hurts my eyes. She knows my anniversaries, and brings her slow hand, cool as ivory, breath redolent of gloss and cigarettes across my eyelids. Then her murmured words slide under the comforter like kittens. Now I am old enough, I could begin to give away my books while love lingers on the chaise counting titles with painted nails. Those I must dust most I will hand down first and one or a few at a time will pass into other hands, dwell on others’ shelves.

From TRIPPING OVER MEMORIAL DAY (Kelsay Press. 2017)

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HIRA SADHAK's first poem was published at age 7. then continued to write in various branches – Poetry, Short Stories and Novels. Widely published in Indian magazines and in international publications in Bengali, English and Hindi. Published works include more than 200 poems, 40 short stories and 20 Novels, and many nonfiction books on topical issues in India.