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Everything that happens now/ is preceded by another now/ until they pile/ on top of what we hold in layers/ that hide how falsely we/ perceive the landscape to be. --Amy King
The eye of the mirror is vacant to the observer who on the threshold of ice or fire, in the relentless transformation of the moment smooths out a wrinkle, on death’s brow. So singular is the dream of sleep that forms in our brain landscapes we wake from, but only to stars while the face in the mirror is more than what you are, in its transmission of barbarism, civilisation locked in a ludicrous embrace, onto the indifferent oblivion of space. Our memories in the dusk beyond, shuffling in the dunes of time as ancient shadows trapped by their helpless bearers, in a now that extends only in its becoming, on this thin band of sentience, an endless collage of cosmic landscapes.

poetryrepairs #236 v17.04:045


In the end people sit in their aura under the stars projected by their own pulsating brains, by the phantoms of hallucinations. --Bruno Schulz.
All the world’s a soap – who said that! After last night’s spawn, last night’s porn a catechism of captions, are you a robot, yes or no There never was a primal scream – just the inexpressible state lost to the world which devoured it, left it with the bone of a word, but string along, as we do our soap, our beatific, white washed day. Our hero enters the hall, all in the world look up. Behold yourself Odysseus in your rags, your riches, where eerie episodes replace bewildered miracles with a lust for blood. You stand like a hulk to roar through the market place to scatter it like a House of Cards. Rif-raf always wore a happy grin, never a sham it never wore thin, anywhere in a multitude of seven billion even after they’d hung, drawn, quartered, gibbeted, split his spleen. Strings of words, their beginnings, their endings exhaust fumes on the highway. Found Language: Shandy, Mixta, Coca Cola, Trin, Nestea, Rius, Fanta, Vichy, Catalan, Pincho, Tortilla, Cola Cao, Cafe Solo, Leche, Irlandes, Vienes, Heilo, Tostado o Bolleria, Pasteleria, Tarta San Marcos, Croissant, Relleno, Bamba con Nata, Bocadillos Jamon, Queso, Lomo, Chorizo Iberico, Lomo Iberico, Jamon Cocido, Tortilla Espanola. Sandwiches mixto Jamon York con Queso, Vegetal, Variades de Pate, Especialidads, Hojal Dress Salados, Minchico, Pizzas Surtitdos, Baguetpizzas, Sabado Paella, Regalo Vasos, Pompador, Expobar, Calvo, Casero, Pascual, Ballantines, Cardhu, Jack Daniels, Magna, Colon, Bla Bla Car A soapy day to wash away all the bubbles in the foam to turn the video on at home and watch some sleazy porn. Go pop with corn. The wholeness of history is pure vapour this space is reserved for you constrained to be conned for the rest of your life, 99.9% small time. Invest in the lottery – a spanking good time 4 Russian anal machines, don’t miss the next instalment. The persistent repetition of fake takes on the apparition: protocols of automata cellular, units of production, units of commerce, are you a program, yes or no or at least a soap opera, where we know we lose where a computer doesn’t know it wins, yet! Headlines: Take away, Eat well ( a man’s life is worth whatever he can pay for it) carefully manicured grease paint. National Hereditary Breast Cancer Heart Foundation Trust relax at extra expense, turn on, feel good. Yummy hut, Prezzo, Hobby toffs, Party turn, White stuff Alpha rooms. Sandwich stop, hot &cold blood, Gift 4 U if the universe is fungible is it munchable or crunchable or is it fungible, munchable &crunchable? Hold tight, for the night – Peaceful Funerals Station in curve – mind your step! Disposal day, paper shreds, tip raiders, death in a plastic coffin. So many fantastic colours. I feel in a wonderland. Android mirrors: daily keep, terror make coursing through your veins, angels have more fun, get your discount here. After the aftermath progress will be when everything is restored to absolute normality, practice makes perfect. Pedestrian zone ends here – To Let. Extension by virtue of amalgamation. In controle of the bouncing day, - ping, pong. O lost the dancing sunsets pedigree weather forecaster. Find a filled in life – travel safe, polite public notice – give way religion is blood, nation states go to war. God is a projection of the ego, eye in the sky – bring God down to earth. Chimp man on a flying trapeze, tight rope walker, sky scraper. Enjoy your feeling of well being – deodorants – pure vapour – nice n easy.

poetryrepairs #236 v17.04:045


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ROBIN OUZMAN HISLOP was editor of the 12 year running on-line monthly poetry journal Poetry Life and Times. In 2013 he joined with Dave Jackson as co-editor at Artvilla.com, where he presently edits Poetry Life &Times, Artvilla.com, Motherbird.com.

ROBIN OUZMAN HISLOP has been previously published in a variety of international magazines, later publications including Voices without Borders Volume 1 (USA), Cold Mountain Review (Appalachian University, N.Carolina), The Poetic Bond Volumes (thepoeticbond.com) and Phoenix Rising from the Ashes (a recently published international Anthology of Sonnets).