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MARION de VOS : Battery Park City view
MARION de VOS : Ways of seeing

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Battery Park City view

When I woke up on Christmas Day, New York City finally fits. From my window, Ellis Island floats idly among the silver ripples, of the Hudson. Beyond, container cranes tower above the industrial sprawl of the New Jersey bank, like giraffes, walking through an urban savannah, as if to remind me of my first love: Africa. Smoke stacks of factories, like elephant trunks trumpet plumes in the air. The old train station of Jersey City, a beacon, in Communipaw Cove, among former oyster beds. Ferries hurry across, leave a tail of foam. try to beat tug boats, push barges like whales. The coppery robe of the Statue of Liberty faces the sun, shines like malachite. Migrating flocks of Brant geese hug the coast, graze marsh grasses, in the sheltered bay. And then the tide, that flees from you but, in time will return. I’ m home again. I never have to ask what time it is, Colgate’s clock tells me.

poetryrepairs #238 v17.06:071

Ways of seeing

Ice-flowers on my window: an island country, the Philippines perhaps. Heaped snow on the sill: a whale before the splash of Hukusai’s wave. Spilled mercury from the broken thermometer: silver-fish on the floor. Hot syrup in cooling water: pyroclastic lava flows in the sea. Water recedes from the bottom of the tub: continents split over time. Sand rippled by winds on the beach: deserts without limits. The shadow of a plant on the wall: a giant redwood pine. Clotted curls of dog hair blown forth on my terrace: prairie tumbleweeds. You ‘re never bored as long as you keep looking, with the eye of Frank Stella, who captured cigar smoke, boxed it in, released it, caught it on camera: whirling garlands, to celebrate the Art of Looking.

poetryrepairs #238 v17.06:071


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MARION de VOS-Hoekstra was born in the Netherlands and is married to a career diplomat. They both served in North Yemen, Tanzania, United Kingdom, Mali, Spain, South Africa and now in New York

MARION de VOS trained as a teacher of French and as translator French, English and Dutch. She is also fluent in Spanish and German, plays the piano and the guitar, is amateur ornithologist and makes drawings and aquarelles. Nature, human nature and her nomad life are her main inspiration.