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PAUL SOHAR : Fall Propaganda
PAUL SOHAR : Sun Waiting

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Fall Propaganda

only a storm or two ago that maple by the road was engulfed in green seemed to float in a green cloud with nothing substantial to hold it back except the love of earth and other green clouds within thick whispering distance but now it’s just a dark dead hand reaching out from below the fallen leaves with fingers frazzled by the effort of arguing with the wind trying to stop it from spreading its usual fall propaganda about the fear of winter and the cozy silence of snow

poetryrepairs #240 v17.09:103

Sun Waiting

a sunless ceiling has no clouds either nothing to hold it up except tradition and long-held beliefs the danger signs that peel off and invade the floor are soon trampled and blend into the dirt of the everyday kind we’re used to when a door opens it’s only to admit or release another door for doors are the pillars of a sunless ceiling the silence would drown us waiting here but we have the tv screen to hang on to it keeps us afloat even while sending volleys of words at us a sunless sky is a godless sky says one but god has committed a ceremonial suicide says another and it’s time to elect a new one more doors come and go more asbestos peels off the ceiling artificial snow and shreds of an immortal beard patience is the strength of doors the wall paint of a sunless ceiling the chewing gum of those who have no choice but wait if asked we’ll say it’s okay to bang your head against a wall but when someone gets up and does it we politely turn the other way and we don't believe the tv telling us the sun's waiting in another building fondling clouds carelessly mute but my tongue has not been the same ever since

poetryrepairs #240 v17.09:103

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PAUL SOHAR ended his higher education with a BA in philosophy and took a day job in a research lab while writing in every genre, publishing thirteen volumes of translations, including "Silver Pirouettes" (TheWriteDeal 2012) and “In Contemporary Tense” (Iniquity Press, 2013).

PAUL SOHAR poetry: “Homing Poems” (Iniquity, 2006) and “The Wayward Orchard”, a Wordrunner Prize winner (2011). Other awards: first prize in the 2012 Lincoln Poets Society Contest, second prize in RI Writers Circle 2014 Contest. Prose work: “True Tales of a Fictitious Spy” (Synergebooks, 2006) and a collection of three plays from One Act Depot (Canada, 2015).